Reolink Duo Dual-Lens Camera Line Official Launch: Pre-Order Now With 4 Versions & Early Bird Discounts

Reolink Duo dual-lens camera line launches today and all 4 versions are available for pre-order now with an early-bird 15%-off discount.

Reolink Duo Series Official Launch

Reolink, a leading provider of innovative home & small business security solutions, launches its cutting-edge Reolink Duo camera line today. All four versions of the dual-lens line, including a battery WiFi, a battery 4G, a PoE, and a WiFi one, are available for pre-order on the Reolink official site now through Oct. 22.

To learn more about the Reolink Duo series and pre-order one for home or business with an early discount (15% off) and a limited gift, visit

Featuring an integration of two super HD lenses, Reolink Duo cameras are capable of vast area coverage with a combined 150°horizontal field of view. Even better, these cameras come with 2K/4MP super high resolution and eight pieces built-in spotlights, making it possible to capture every motion event around your property clearly with great details days and nights.

Boasting smart-detection technology, this new camera series can differentiate the person/vehicle activities from the background movements. Offered, too, are detection zone and alert customization. So, users can filter out specific areas and tailor the alerts to get notified by the events that they truly care about only.

Features of Reolink Duo dual-lens smart security cameras include:

Four alternatives: Covering every security need with battery(WiFi), 4G, PoE, and WiFi versions to choose from

Dual-Lens integration: Offering an expansive horizontal view of 150° 

2K image quality: Capturing crystal-clear images with great details day and night

Eight pieces built-in spotlights: Illuminating dark corners & providing color night vision

Smart person/vehicle detection: Delivering more accurate alerts on real important events

Two-way audio: Making it possible for users to listen in & talk back at the same time

Dual-band WiFi connection: More stable network connection for more reliable performance

Indoor & outdoor use: IP66-certified weatherproof

No subscription needed: One-and-done cost for all nice-to-have features

All four versions of the Reolink Duo series are available to purchase on Reolink's official website at the moment. Shoppers can click here to learn more and shop with the early bird discount now,

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