Renton Plumbing Company Helps Employees with Childrens' Remote Education

Plumbing contractor takes steps to help employees with their childrens' online learning during COVID-19.

Trusted Plumbing & Heating Team

​Trusted Plumbing & Heating in Renton, a plumbing and HVAC contractor company, has been able to stay busy during 2020's COVID-19 pandemic and continue helping homeowners as an essential business throughout the year. Providing plumbing, sewer and heating repairs, installations and services throughout King County, Trusted Plumbing is one of the larger plumbing companies in the area.

Because of their essential business status, Trusted has been able to continue Renton plumbing operations somewhat normally, unlike many other businesses that have had to adjust dramatically to the pandemic. However, some employees working at the company realized as the 2020 school year was coming up that they might have to make some very tough decisions.

Like most cities in Washington and King County, the Renton school district has had to make tough choices about how to manage COVID-19 and currently is continuing with remote learning for most students as of Oct. 16, 2020. Children are having their classes using Zoom calls and adjusting to the new learning format, and parents across the state are having to figure out how to juggle their work schedules and make sure their children are able to learn and keep up.

With needing to make sure their kids can continue their education from home, some Trusted Plumbing & Heating employees brought up concerns that they wouldn't have any other option during the school year but to quit and hope they could stay afloat for the school year. The owner of Trusted Plumbing & Heating, Jim Cunningham decided he needed to help his parent employees make sure their children can continue their school. 

At the Trusted Plumbing & Heating main office location in Renton, Jim and his team set up special spaces where employees could have their children continue online school, with their parents nearby and available to help if needed. "We made sure to set up safe, clean spaces where kids could be with their parents while they are working in the office, but also make sure we're being COVID compliant and safe," Jim told us. "This has been a good temporary solution for us to take care of our people," Jim continued. "I'm really thankful for our employees and just wanted to make sure they didn't feel stuck."

When asked why Jim felt implementing this option for his team was so important, Jim stated that he simply believes that as a business owner, your team's needs have to come first. "I can't expect my employees to do a good job with helping our customers, scheduling appointments, or doing quality plumbing work here in Renton if they're worried about paying the bills and how their kids are going to do school," he told us. 

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