Rental Lease Agreement Forms Now Available at, the online famed brand for getting free legal documents, contracts and forms, has recently launched another highly demanded service for people and businesses - online Rental Lease Agreements. recently took its rental lease agreements functionality online. It allows businesses and individuals to create legally binding rental lease agreements/rental contracts in just a few clicks online. Basically, they'll be able to get any Residential Lease Agreement in no time from an industry leader.

If a business or any individual is renting out property or other real estate assets, they may need rental lease agreement forms for: house, apartment, basement suite, condo, duplex, mobile home, room, townhouse or any other property.

Why should getting a legally binding rental lease agreement be considered?

When entering into any type of rental situation, it's important to have an agreement in writing that outlines the rights and responsibilities of each party. Whether a property owner/manager (Landlord) or someone who wishes to rent a property to live in (Tenant), a written Lease Agreement signed by both parties is a MUST.

Verbal agreements are easily forgotten or misremembered, and impossible to enforce. A written Lease Agreement is a legal contract that details the Landlord-Tenant relationship and clearly specifies the rules and conditions for the rental so that both sides understand their obligations in order to lessen or avoid any misunderstandings or disagreements in the future.

Creating a Residential Lease Agreement is easy - and is the right place to get started.

Benefits of signing a legally binding rental lease agreement

As a landlord or a real-estate enterprise, minimizing liability and ensuring due rental income is critical. Those who occupy property, for personal or commercial use, must adhere to the terms and clauses of property usage and local compliance. A rental lease agreement ensures that all the parties are on the same page as far as the utility and transactions related to the residential/commercial property in question are concerned.

A rental lease agreement has the following points, including but not limited to:

●    Names and contact info of Landlord and Tenant
●    Address and type of property being rented
●    Whether the property is furnished or unfurnished
●    Start and end dates of the Lease
●    Amount of rent and when it is due
●    Any fees charged if rent is late or for missing a rent payment
●    If the rent can be increased
●    Deposits paid (security/damage deposit, pet deposit, etc.)
●    Does the Tenant have the option to renew the lease or to purchase the property (rent-to-own)

A Comprehensive Residential Lease Agreement may also include information about the following;

●    Utilities and Upkeep
●    Policies and Permissions
●    Access

Once all the involved parties sign the agreement, it becomes legally binding and both the parties can save the copies of the original rental contract. Get rental lease agreements via now.

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