Renown Team of Doctors Serves at New Full-Service Surgery Clinic Precision Medical Specialists in Palm Beach County

Dr. Steven Rueda, Dr. Mario Rueda and Dr. Katherine Chiang are known for helping patients in their time of need. Highly respected in their own respective fields, each doctor brings a talented approach to the surgical options provided in the clinic.

Dr. Steven Rueda and Dr. Mario Rueda are the owners of Precision MDs

Dr. Steven Rueda, Dr. Mario Rueda, and Dr. Katherine Chiang are the physicians of Precision Medical Specialists. Specializing in plastic surgery, general surgery and noninvasive surgical options, this clinic helps Palm Beach residents feel more comfortable and at peace with themselves. These three doctors have an impressive background helping patients in need.

Dr. Mario Rueda specializes in general surgery and non-invasive options in Palm Beach. 

Dr. Mario Rueda also serves as the ICU Medical Director at St. Mary's Hospital and is now offering general surgery and non-invasive surgical options at the new Precision Medical Specialists' office. Dr. Mario Rueda previously served as Interim Trauma Medical Director helping the staff inside emergency departments treat patients more effectively. His passion is to provide surgical options to those who need them.  

Dr. Rueda performs non-mesh hernia repairs. He also provides other general non-invasive surgery options such as laser treatment for patients who are experiencing unsightly varicose veins.  

Dr. Steven Rueda is a plastic surgeon who specializes in congenital malformation and deformities. 

After many years of experience in plastic and aesthetic surgery, Dr. Steven Rueda is one of the few plastic surgeons who also performs revisions for patients after botched aesthetic procedures, and also helps patients who have complex facial, body, and hand deformities. As part of the team from the Cleveland Clinic that performed the first full-face transplant for the youngest patient, Dr. Rueda's skill set is highly sought after. He is well known for his natural results in cosmetic plastic surgery of the face, and curvy results after body plastic surgery. Dr. Steven Rueda uses his training to help others feel better about themselves. He works with trauma patients and adults who suffer from physical deformities helping those who have suffered daily to achieve a better quality of life.   

Dr. Katherine Chiang is the practice's Dermatologist with an impressive clinical and academic record. She is a graduate of Princeton University and Cleveland Clinic Foundation. She has won prestigious international scholarships for her achievements in Dermatology. She specializes in medical dermatology and skin cancer treatments. She also specializes in non-surgical treatments for facial rejuvenation like microneedling, botox, fillers, and lasers. 

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Precision Medical Specialists is a full-service surgery clinic located in Wellington, Florida. The practice offers specialized surgical services unavailable elsewhere in Palm Beach at a single location. The doctors and staff provide the best surgical options for patients who need them. They're passionate about helping their patients feel better and live better. Patients interested in skilled and professional doctors will be happy to be treated at Precision Medical SpecialistsGo to for more info.  Call 561.557-3115 for a consultation. 

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