Renova Therapeutics Appoints Dr. Vijay Mahant as Its CEO

Renova Therapeutics Inc, a leader in the development of gene therapies for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, announced the appointment of Dr. Vijay Mahant to the position of CEO, effective as of Sept. 16, 2021.

Dr. Mahant brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as the CEO. He is a scientist, an inventor (awarded 32 international patents) and an entrepreneur. He was a co-founder and/or an executive of several life science companies, including Medilite, AutoGenomics and Qualigen. He has extensive experience in life sciences including R&D, FDA regulations, clinical trials, fundraising, intellectual property management, licensing, and technology transfer, manufacturing, and quality management systems, as well as initial public offerings and business acquisitions.

He serves on the Advisory Board of biotechnology companies such as Trutino Biosciences and an oncology hospital. He is the Section Editor of the Journal of Translational Medicine, an international peer reviewed journal. 

Dr. Mahant holds a Ph.D. (Loughborough University, UK) and his thesis was on developing cutting-edge invitro diagnostic methods. He holds two post-doctorates (Loughborough University and The University of Texas, Health Science Center, Houston, TX).

He also brings a long history of international management experience combined with an extensive professional network and sound knowledge of the life science ecosystem, including global and local regulatory environments. These will support Renova Therapeutics' business efforts and its strategic alliances.  

Dr. Mahant stated: "I am thrilled and honored to accept the role of CEO at Renova Therapeutics. Renova Therapeutics holds the promise to potentially treat some of the most pervasive and devastating diseases globally such as diabetes, and congestive heart failure. The company expects to submit an IND application with the FDA by March/April 2022, for its RT-200 for the treatment of type-2 diabetes. Renova's lead gene therapy product (RT-100) for congestive heart failure has already been approved by the FDA for phase II study. Renova Therapeutics' cutting-edge proprietary paracrine gene therapy platform is potentially a "game-changer" for patients by improving quality of life and longevity.    

Renova Therapeutics has assembled a world-class team of physicians, scientists, regulatory experts, a quality management system expert, clinical trial experts and business development leaders. We are working together to bring these promising new therapies to life. Our common purpose is to improve life quality and longevity by delivering easily administered, and durable single-dose therapies for select major diseases.

Our immediate mission is to dramatically reduce the debilitating impact of heart disease and diabetes on humanity.

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About Renova Therapeutics:
Renova™ Therapeutics is developing the next generation of single-dose, durable gene therapies to restore the health of patients suffering from chronic diseases. The first two indications that the company is pursuing are therapies for type-2 diabetes, and congestive heart failure (CHF), two of the most prevalent and devastating chronic diseases in the world. The company's lead investigational product, RT-100, is a new type of treatment that delivers a therapeutic gene directly to an impaired heart via an intra-coronary procedure in an outpatient clinic.  This therapy has shown in a phase II study the potential to restore heart function in patients diagnosed with CHF. Renova Therapeutics was founded in 2009 by Dr. Kirk Hammond, a Professor of Medicine at UCSD and a cardiologist at the VA San Diego Healthcare System. Renova holds global exclusive licenses for transgene IP from UCSD, Stanford University and private institutions. Renova is led by an experienced management team in pharmaceuticals.

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