Renew America Movement (RAM) Launches 'REPUBLICANS for MARK KELLY' in Arizona

Republicans for Kelly will organize and mobilize Arizona Republicans to cross partisan lines and support a proven, principled leader


The Renew America Movement (RAM), a nationwide, cross-partisan effort to restore a common-sense coalition to American politics, has launched Republicans for Mark Kelly. The new initiative is already organizing influential and grassroots Arizona Republicans in support of Democratic Senator Mark Kelly.

The launch kicked off with a successful fundraiser in Scottsdale last night, hosted by Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman, Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, Former Transportation Secretary Mary Peters, and former Arizona State Senator Bob Worsley. Republicans for Mark Kelly will galvanize support among disaffected and principled Republicans in the state. Senator Kelly's record of bipartisan leadership for Arizona has earned the respect of many outside of his party, and given voters who don't support the dangerous direction of Arizona's GOP an honorable alternative.

"Arizonans have long flexed their independent streak in politics," said RAM Advisor and former Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters. "From John McCain to Barry Goldwater, this is a state where integrity and courage matter more than party. Senator Kelly has proven his mettle, which is why he's earned broad support, even among Republicans like myself."

"People are fed up with political parties that put their own interests ahead of the country's. Voters are waking up, especially in the GOP, and realizing that a leader's worth isn't defined by the letter next to their name on the ballot," said RAM Executive Director and former Homeland Security official Miles Taylor. "Senator Kelly has certainly earned the respect and support of all independent-minded Republicans in Arizona."

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