Remote Access to Government and Courts is Needlessly Eroding

Frustration With Technology Should Not Limit Participation. CourtCall Has The Tools Unavailable On Other Platforms.

Tragically, it is now almost a daily occurrence for courts and government bodies of all sizes across the nation to eliminate or restrict remote public access and participation. More missed work, missed school, time arranging childcare and traveling on crowded roads worsening our environment is not the answer. CourtCall's turn-key platform opened the digital doors to government in the 1990s; the Pandemic heightened the need and awareness. There are few situations where increased costs and lost time associated with in-person participation improve the result, and members of the public will gladly afford themselves a low-cost alternative to a trip in order to participate in their government.  

While everyone can be frustrated with the difficulties created by the use of collaboration platforms that do not meet the workflow of a specific agency or court, after two decades, CourtCall remains the preferred provider of safe, supported and secure remote access. "No court or public agency should restrict remote access because technology does not meet or enhance workflow," said Bob Alvarado, Co-Founder and CEO of CourtCall. "From some of the busiest courts to the most remote courts to agencies in our largest cities, we have provided superior remote access solutions since 1996," Alvarado continued. "We can state, without reservation, that we have a solution for every government body and they should look long and hard at our solutions before closing the digital doors to our government institutions as more, not less, access is required. Elected officials and government administrative officials and IT professionals have access to a decades-old and trusted alternative," Bob concluded.

With newly added features, such as customized rooms, AI transcription, in-platform electronic signature, and real-time in-session live support, CourtCall meets the needs of government and professionals in ways the mass-market simply does not. provides CourtCall's platform to an even wider user group to expand real-time communication.

CourtCall has saved the legal community and its clients hundreds of millions of dollars and generated tens of millions of dollars for our nation's courts all while improving access to justice.

Source: CourtCall