Remodista Expands in Australia Market With Addition of Local Advisory Board

Growth Set to Provide Partners and Leaders a Globally Connected Community

Remodista, a think tank focused on understanding the disruption in business, has announced the addition of their Australian Women2Watch Retail Advisory Board after two years of growth and expansion in the market. The board is made up of 11 women in leadership roles at Australian retail focused companies. The new members join the existing 15 members that make up the United States Retail Advisory Board. Founder and CEO, Kelly Stickel shares that the growth of Remodista in this country has come authentically through her collaborative community of thought leaders.

“We have a lot of work to do in terms of diversity and equality in businesses and retail is no exception. I am delighted to be part of a group driving and forcing change. It really brings a spotlight onto something that is critical to the success of business.” said Julie Mathers, founder and CEO of Flora & Fauna

By adding a retail committee, we are digging deeper into the region to drive, expand and grow our presence with a focus to help cultivate these women leaders and elevate their thinking as pioneering thought leaders

Kelly Stickel, Founder and CEO of Remodista

On a broader scale, there is a bigger opportunity to shine a light on the innovation happening with women leaders in Australian retail. With just nine female CEO’s and 10 women chairing Australia’s largest 200 companies, we know there is an opportunity to make an impact.

Sarah Donges founder and CEO of Box for Monkeys shared, “This community is a powerful group of like-minded leaders, all with the passion and drive to do the best we can in our businesses. With women making up 80% of the purchasing decisions and over 30% of businesses in Australia being owned by women, it makes sense that our perspective, experiences and learning's are heard more. The newly formed Australian Retail Advisory Board will bring a much-needed analysis of the gender of speakers and will push more women to have their voice heard.”

Remodista aims to recognize and cultivate women in executive and leadership roles around the globe with the expansion of their Retail Advisory Board. Their Women2Watch program identifies an extraordinary group of women and assists them in executing their pioneer thinking and problem-solving skills looking at the future of business.  Many of the women featured on the board were also recognized and honored by Remodista’s Women2Watch program in 2017 and 2018. The Australian Retail Advisory Board Members include:

  • Alanna Bastin-Byrne: Director of Femeconomy
  • Alice Kuepper: Managing Director of Online Retailer 
  • Bec Brideson: Consultant of Bec Brideson 
  • Dominique Lamb: CEO of the National Retail Association 
  • Fi Bendall: CEO of TFSN 
  • Jade Collins: Director of Femeconomy 
  • Julie Mathers: Founder + CEO Flora & Fauna  
  • Kate Morris: Founder + MD of  Adore Beauty 
  • Lucy Glade-Wright: Founder + CEO of Hunting for George 
  • Sarah Burke: Head of Partnerships of NORA
  • Sarah Donges: Founder + CEO of Box for Monkeys 

“I am very honored to be part of the Women2Watch Retail Advisory Board. Advancing the careers of women and supporting them in their journey to professional and personal success is something I am very passionate about,” said Alice Kuepper, Managing Director of Online Retailer.

Femeconomy Director, Jade Collins said, “I have been involved with Remodista over the last two years and the Retail Committee will help us drive further collaboration, amplify female leaders’ thought leadership and create bridges into other international committees on behalf of many Australian brands.”

With the success in the Australian market, Stickel and Remodista have their sights set on European expansion next. “By adding a retail committee, we are digging deeper into the region to drive, expand and grow our presence with a focus to help cultivate these women leaders and elevate their thinking as pioneering thought leaders,” says Stickel.

Remodista: Founded in 2010 by Kelly Stickel, Remodista is a think tank examining disruption in business. Their mission is to provide insight, education, and innovation to global brands through collaborative research and analysis. By identifying challenges, Remodista builds and tests assumptions that prepare leaders for the future. The retail advisory board includes leaders from Revlon, PayPal, TUMI, Adore Beauty, MODABOX, and HBC Digital.

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Source: Remodista

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