REMIIT Ties Hands With Singapore's Leading Overseas Money Transfer Company Millening

Blockchain-powered remittance platform REMIIT has entered into a partnership with Singapore’s leading remittance company Millening.

Millening, with the slogan of "We redefine remittance," is one of the companies that has brought revolution to Singapore’s overseas money transfer market. Located in the city center of Singapore, it specializes in remittances mainly to the Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and China. Millening has been favored for their lower rates and faster transactions compared to the bank and is now developing a system to provide services that enable overseas money transfers remittances without visiting stores physically.

REMIIT highly appreciates Millening's know-how in the overseas remittance market and its strengths in providing customers from various countries residing in Singapore and hopes that it will create great synergy in the remittance platform. Under the agreement, Millening will take on the Singapore inbound and outbound remittances by participating as a Singapore remittance player when the REMIIT remittance platform is launched next year.

REMIIT’s CEO Stevie An said, "This agreement will be a signal that REMIIT will become a big player in the remittance space as a global platform. We are aiming for more than 20 remittance companies in six countries before launching the platform."

The breakthrough of paradigms and stereotypes that cross-border money transfers must be conducted through banks are changing, as the trends of changing laws in various countries have brought another emerging market that can compete against the traditional banking systems. The platform REMIIT is building has the potential to bring a win-win scenario for both small to medium remittance companies as well as all the customers across the world.

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