Remedy Bail Bonds Takes Bold Stance Against Controversial California Senate Bill 10

San Bernardino bail bonds company Remedy Bail Bonds has taken an aggressive position against a proposed bill in California.

A new bill, currently under debate in the State of California, has won fierce opposition from the bail bonds industry. In particular, San Bernardino bail bonds company Remedy Bail Bonds has taken an aggressive stance against the bill, saying that its passage would be disastrous — for the judicial system, for taxpayers, and for crime rates. In a new statement to the press, Remedy Bail Bonds explains its skepticism of the proposed law, Senate Bill 10.

“The bill is couched in the language of judicial prerogative,” says Remedy Bail Bonds in its press statement. “That is, it is allegedly about allowing state judges more freedom. Under Bill 10, judges could decide if they want a suspect to be released on their own recognizance, or else held in custody because they are deemed too dangerous.”

While this sounds good on paper, the company — which also provides Riverside bail bonds services — says the real-world consequences could be dire. “There are safety concerns to think about, but also financial concerns,” notes Remedy Bail Bonds. “To implement Bill 10, it would require California counties to conduct assessments of all suspects to help the judge determine whether they are or are not safety risks — and that’s a huge, burdensome program that the taxpayer would have to fund.”

As for safety, Remedy Bail Bonds points to similar legislation introduced in New Jersey. “When that bill was made law, there was a dramatic upswing in crimes committed by people released on their own recognizance,” the company says in its press statement. “That’s the last thing we want to see happen here.”

Ultimately, Remedy Bail Bonds — a leading Orange County bail bonds company — says Bill 10 should be rejected. “We believe that, while the current judicial system may be imperfect, the proposed legislation would be a huge step backward — and people throughout California would bear the brunt of that. We hope Bill 10 is denied passage.”

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