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Remanns is a leading distributor of premium remanufactured engines in United States. At, we sell reliability and quality remanufactured engines, not used or rebuilt engines.

Car engines come in different designs and functionalities but certain components are common to all engines and are used for engine categorization. Engine is classified based on the number of cylinders, geometry of the block, type of ignition system used, type of fuel used, consumption etc.. Some of these are discussed below in brief.

Number of cylinders

Remanns is the leading supplier of remanufactured engines in the US. The company has state-of-the-art facilities and strives to deliver best quality remanufactured engines at best price. They offer 5 year warranty on products with free shipping. In its 30 years of operations, has supplied remanufactured engines throughout the length and breadth of the US. There is a long list of its happily satisfied customers who have shared their experiences dealing with them through reviews that you could see on their official website and elsewhere on the internet.


The cylinders indicate that how smooth your car will run on the road. They are clear indicators of the power output. For example, more cylinders mean more power. A car may have 6 to 12 cylinders arranged in different patterns.

Block geometry

There are 4 types of engine block geometries viz. Inline, V-line, horizontally opposed and Slant. Each shows the direction of the cylinder as viewed from the front and back of the engine. The arrangement of the cylinders in the engine is mentioned below in nutshell.


In this, the cylinders are arranged vertically in a line.


The cylinders are arranged in two banks set at an angle to each other which form a "V" shape.

Horizontally opposed

It is also known as boxer or flat type as cylinders are horizontally opposing each other

Categorization based on ignition

The engine can also be categorized on the basis of ignition such as:

Spark ignition engine - It has a spark plug and is used in gasoline car engines only. It works on Otto cycle. The thermal efficiency is lower due to lower compression ratio. Its maintenance cost is less compared to compression ignition engine and it is also easier to start in cold weather.

Compression ignition engine - It's a type of internal combustion engine that need no sparks to ignite fuel or air mixture that is used in spark ignition engine. Combustion occurs spontaneously due to compression. It is compatible with diesel engine. The thermal efficiency is higher than SI engine due to high compression ratio. This type of engine takes time to start in cold weather.

Engines often start creating problems due to extensive use and wear and tear. To get the bet output from a car, you need to keep its engine in best condition. However, should you need to replace it, best option would be to go for a remanufactured engine. Remanns is the leading distributor of remanufactured engines in the US that you can rely upon to get best quality remanufactured engine at best price.

Remanns - Offering remanufactured engines of best quality

Remanns delivers high quality of remanufactured engines in different parts of the US. The company provides free shipping facility across the US except Hawaii and Alaska where paid shipping is available for the customers. It provides 5 Year Unlimited Miles No Fault warranty on its remanufactured products. If you read Remanns engines reviews, you will find that the customers have largely admired them for their excellent professionalism and customer care services. The valued customers shared their reviews and experiences at, few of such remanns engines reviews are cited below for your information.

Remanns engine reviews by customers

"My experience was a positive one. I needed the engine for my son and I was not able to provide them with much information. They took the information I gave them and provided me with a quality remanufactured engine. Thank you guys for everything." - Gerald G

"We were very impressed with the engine we purchased. The engine was even better than what we could've imagined. We have had it installed for a couple of days now and it roars like a lion! We are thankful we have put our trust into Remanns. We are extremely grateful to have our car back on the road." - Bill W

"Awesome experience overall! The engine came exactly as they promised it would. Courteous, professional, and on time. Definitely would recommend Remanns to anyone!" - Grant T

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About Remanns

Remanns is a leading distributor of premium remanufactured engines in United States. At, we sell reliability and quality remanufactured engines, not used or rebuilt engines.

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