Relocation Guide Helps Newcomers Make Their Way to Portland

With seemingly everyone moving to Portland, Portland finally gets a relocation guide

The tens of thousands of people moving to the Portland area every year now have a resource to help them relocate and get settled in their new city.  Portland’s first relocation guide is now in distribution, helping newcomers to the Portland metro area learn about neighborhoods, housing, schools, transportation, healthcare, and life in Portland.

The timing for the Portland Relocation Guide coincides with the demand. The Portland area gains 500 people per week, according to Metro, Portland’s regional tri-county government body.  Metro projects that an additional million people will be in the region by 2030. 

"A publication like the Portland Relocation Guide is a terrific resource in companies' efforts to attract top talent and grow the economic health of our region."

Janet LaBar

President and CEO, Greater Portland Inc

“Businesses expanding across the region seek out information that helps them engage and plug into the metro area,” said Janet LaBar, President and CEO of Greater Portland Inc, the region’s economic development organization. “A publication like the Portland Relocation Guide is a terrific resource in companies’ efforts to attract top talent and grow the economic health of our region.” Greater Portland Inc, recognized the need for a relocation guide for employers who are growing and moving talent to the region, and asked ARG Publications to bring its relocation guide expertise to Portland.

The publication is distributed for free in a variety of platforms – in print, a digital edition, a website, mobile apps, and through social media.  The Portland Relocation Guide’s model of providing newcomers with local information has proven effective in Austin, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, and Tucson since 2003.

“We are unique in that we have the distinct ability to serve those who are moving, as well as local advertisers, and also the cities in which we operate,” according to Kevin Evans, President of ARG Publications. “Essentially, we connect folks moving to Portland with the information and services they need, in a content-rich environment that showcases Portland. It really is a win-win for everyone.”

Copies of the Portland Relocation Guide are available to employers and those in the real estate and relocation industry at no charge. To request copies of the magazine or for information about advertising, please contact the local Publisher of the Portland Relocation Guide, Ian Harnish, at The website and access to the digital magazine is at


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