Relentless Events, Inc. Trains Leaders and Cites 2016 Goals

The Director of Operations at Relentless Events, Inc. highlighted the firm's leadership training program, as well as his objectives for 2016. He also discussed his team's goal-setting strategy.

“My colleagues and I here at Relentless Events, Inc. would never underestimate the importance of setting ambitious goals for 2016,” said Jean Carlos, the company’s Director of Operations. “Our strategy for 2015 led us to astronomical success, and we want this year to be even better. Leadership training will be a special point of emphasis in the coming months.”

According to Jean Carlos, management at Relentless Events, Inc. is heavily invested in the success of all team members. Leaders help develop their associates through rigorous training and by working with their people on an individual basis.

"From someone's first day, he or she starts learning on a hands-on basis,"

Jean Carlos, Director of Operations

“From someone’s first day, he or she starts learning on a hands-on basis,” he stated. “The focused attention an individual receives ensures that he or she grasps important concepts and masters crucial skills. Our progressive approach to training guarantees that everyone works to their fullest potential. They quickly learn to act with integrity and gain the confidence to implement the most advanced techniques in the sales and marketing industry.”

Relentless Events, Inc.’s Leader Offers Effective Goal-Setting Strategies

In terms of setting attainable goals for 2016, Jean Carlos and his Relentless Events, Inc. managers rely on specific methods. “Identifying goals is great, but it isn’t enough,” he continued. “After all, they aren’t going to fulfill themselves. One of the biggest reasons businesses crumble is that their leaders fail to act. We won’t let that happen. Not only do we set strategic goals – we develop detailed action plans for achieving them.”

For instance, Jean Carlos pointed out that large objectives may seem overwhelming, and in turn stifle a team’s motivation. He explained that it’s preferable to create roadmaps – with clear milestones – for realizing such expectations. The milestones represent short-term goals toward which associates can work and by which they can assess their progress. Doing so makes the work more manageable and reinforces individual and group efforts.

“I’m also really big on rewards,” Jean Carlos continued. “I take great care to acknowledge the efforts of my people and celebrate their hard work. I encourage them to reward themselves as well – even when progress seems relatively minor. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to make sure people know they are appreciated, and to keep things fun and enjoyable. Authentic success is only possible when such experiences are included in the package.”

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