Released: 1st and Only Marvelous Designer Video Training Program for 3D Artists releases the first and only available online training program for the CLO3D Marvelous Designer software. This Marvelous Designer training program is designed for 3D artists and studios in the 3D animation, VFX, game development, film, 3D printing and CG industries.

CG Elves Marvelous Designer Workshops

CG Elves officially launches the First and Only on-demand online training for Marvelous Designer 5 cloth simulation software. The "Mastering Marvelous Designer" video training program will aid CG artists and 3D character artists needing to create dynamic digital clothing for their 3D models. 

This Marvelous Designer training program is designed for 3D artists and studios in the 3D animation, VFX, game development, film, 3D printing and CG industries.

"As a professional user that needed to learn MD5 quickly, this program got me up to speed with industry standards quality in less than a week"

Vincent Menier, French character artist

The highly acclaimed CG Elves training program, "Mastering Marvelous Designer", includes a complete Marvelous Designer beginners course and 12 advanced Marvelous Designer clothes making workshops.

The Marvelous Designer course for beginners gives artists a thorough understanding of every aspect and tool in this cutting-edge cloth simulation software.
The advanced workshops teach 3D artists step-by-step how to create a great variety of clothing for 3D models.

"Mastering Marvelous Designer is an excellent course that guides you step by step in learning one of the key softwares in any character modeling pipeline when it comes to the creation of realistic clothing" says Alessandro Baldasseroni, Character Artist at Riot Games studio, "Starting from the basics of the software, the course gradually introduces you through detailed video tutorials to the creation of piece of clothing of increasing complexity, in particular the workshop tutorials and theme exercises are extremely useful to anybody who wants to achieve realistic looking clothing and garments."

Students can access the training program online on-demand. The Marvelous Designer course is delivered via 1080p HD videos and spans over 52.5 hours of tutorials.

The CGElves training program is designed for the busy artist, needing to quickly learn a new complex software in shortest possible time.
"As a professional user that needed to learn MD5 quickly, this program got me up to speed with industry standards quality in less than a week" says French character artist Vincent Menier.

Marvelous Designer is a cutting-edge cloth simulation tool used to quickly create realistic dynamic 3D clothing instead of spending a tedious amount of time studying cloth anatomy and sculpting wrinkles, folds and creases in other digital sculpting tools like ZBrush, Mudbox or other.

Vince Rizzi, a senior character artist at Ubisoft Montreal, recommends Marvelous Designer for anyone wanting to save time creating credible clothes for 3D game characters "Marvelous Designer is a very consistent and easy way of getting ultra-realistic clothing quickly which is extremely important on productions."

The Marvelous Designer software was used to create dynamic clothing for films like the Hobbit, commercials, animations, games like Assassins' Creed and more.

It is used by leading studios such as Blurr, Blizzard, Naughty Dog, SONY, Ubisoft, Konami, Passion Pictures London, WETA, Crystal Dynamics, Method Studios, Illumination McGuff etc.

The Marvelous Designer training helps studios cut costs and save time on training artists for projects where they need to use this software. Compared to high cost of hiring a trainer, this highest quality expert on-demand online training solution for the Marvelous Designer software is a fraction of such costs, whilst enabling ongoing referencing, at any time during day or night, to refresh one on what they learned.

As more and more studios integrate the Marvelous Designer software into their cloth simulation pipeline there is currently a growing need for 3D artists to learn Marvelous Designer.

"Marvelous Designer has become a fundamental part of our toolset for creating digital garments and cloth simulations, I'm yet to see another system that allows you to model and visualize how a garment will look in its draped form", says Jamie Franks, Lead Effects Artist at Passion Pictures London.

Since Marvelous Designer has only recently become known to CG artists and a required tool in their workflow, it is not yet taught in any school curriculum. 
The CG Elves fill this important gap with its professional and affordable training for the Marvelous Designer software.

Currently, there is no existing Marvelous Designer training available asides from the one CGElves now offers. The few Marvelous Designer videos and tutorials found online are often created by amateurs, confusing or misinforming. 

As one of the CG Elves customers, Juergen Stein of Germany notes: "I started MD one year ago; the available training was spread all over the Internet and the results in most cases looked like my stuff...weird, no pro level, and no idea how to improve it . I bought the cgelves training and its exactly what you need if you have no real world sewing experience like me. Every parameter of the software is really well explained."

"Without the CG Elves online on-demand Marvelous Designer course, 3D artists would need to spend at least half a year of frustrating self-learning attempts, to get to the level of training we provide", says Camille Kleinman, Marvelous Designer Expert & Trainer at

For more information, video presentation or to enroll in the Mastering Marvelous Designer online video training visit:
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