Release of the 5th Edition of Premium E Liquids From Five Pawns - Castle Long Reserve V

Southern California based Five Pawns have released a new series of E liquids to add to its already existing premium E Liquids. This move is seen as a means to cater to the changing and ever growing needs of the vaping community.

On their third anniversary Five Pawns have introduced their fifth edition of premium E Liquids. According to information posted by Five Pawns on their website, the E Juice flavors that have been introduced are Castle Long Reserve V Double Barrel which is a toasted coconut, roasted almond, brown sugar, Madagascar vanilla bean, French vanilla, Kentucky bourbon, and two distinct oaks.

These are truly going to be vintage liquids since they have been aged in oak barrels. Almost 60% Aged in second-fill 55 gallon American Oak barrels and 40% aged with reclaimed Oloroso Sherry oak barrel chips.

Castle Long Reserve Edition Vs have a blend of 60% liquid that has been aged in second-fill American oak barrels and the other 40% has been aged with reclaimed Oloroso sherry oak barrel chips.

Five Pawns is quite upbeat about the launch of these new flavors since the release is coincided with their third anniversary. Apart from that the production is quite limited due to the aging process which takes a considerable time and a lot of resources. Aged E Liquids are a treat to vape as per the vaping community. There is much buzz about the launch among existing Five Pawns clients as well as new Vapers.

Aging of E Liquids is not a new process to the vaping industry and the demand for aged E Liquids had been increasing. The best thing about American oak is that it gives the strongest oak flavor. The wood of the barrel contains a few flavors that come from the method of toasting as well as from the wood itself. Oak Barrel gives a smooth, fresh and a different taste. Using oak barrels is very good for the flavor, aroma, complexity, and overall quality of an E Liquid. The vaping community is upbeat about these new flavors coming via Five Pawns.

Oak chips have an intense oak flavor and much more aromatic compounds, as well as low tannin content. Sherry Oloroso oak barrel chips give a matchless aroma to your e liquid. The most familiar flavor of oak chips is vanilla, and the lipids, fats, and waxes found in the wood are amenable for the coconut and aromatic wood flavors.

Five Pawns has been at the forefront of the industry in terms of providing the best to the vaping community since its inception and what better gift than a vintage flavor could have been expected from the leaders of E juices and E liquids.

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