Reinventing Travel & Tourism With Big Data: TravelCompute Travel & Tourism Big Data Platform Wins World Summit Award in Vienna

TravelCompute Travel & Tourism Big Data Platform from Malaysia awarded for world's best tourism product

TravelCompute Travel & Tourism Big Data Platform

World Summit Awards present a global spectre of change making projects ranging from big data for tourism to organ 3D printing, from a job-platform focusing on female tech talent to empowering smallholder farms – no matter what the technology, it’s the unique content that makes this top 40 exceptional.

The TravelCompute Travel & Tourism Big Data Platform integrates data from various public & private sources, collects proprietary data, conducts social data mining and integrates with several industry stakeholders in an automated way. The platform then processes the data and renders meaningful insights based on artificial intelligence and machine learning based big data technology for the national & local tourism organizations, travel management companies, destination management companies, hoteliers, airlines and other travel related companies.

The platform enables the tourism organization to understand destinations and travelers and answer the following questions: Where do tourists like to visit? When do tourists visit? What do tourists like or dislike at each of the visited locations? How do tourists travel between places? What routes do they usually take? What activities and events do tourists like to participate in? The real-time statistics and insights help organizations in informed decision making, proactive planning and taking proactive actions.

The platform aggregates & maintains the following: Global Country Profiles, Travel Industry Reports, Destination Analytics, Tourist reports, Top Destination & Attractions Insights, Social Media Tracking, Real Time Twitter Data Mining and Historical Analytics, Global News & Events Tracking, Real-Time City Traffic Status and Historical Data Mining, Airfare Predictions & Hotel Reviews Sentiment Analysis and more.

40 Winners from 23 countries, selected from over 400 nominations from 180 countries.

WSA 2017 once more presents a diameter of digital innovation from Chile to Malaysia, from Nigeria to Finland. Be it a miniature AED machine with diagnostic app, an environmental behavior training game, or a tiny programmable computer that helps/encourages school children to learn to code, the WSA Winners 2017 offer a vast spectre of digital innovation globally.

The WSA winner’s 2017 list is manifold, offers many more jewels of innovation, and above is just a small selection.

About the WSA

The World Summit Award is a global initiative within the framework of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). WSA is the only ICT event worldwide, that reaches the mobile community in over 180 countries.

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World Summit Awards

About TravelCompute

TravelCompute is powered by Octraves Technology. Octraves is a full-fledged software development company that develops, markets and distributes "TravelCompute," which is a one-stop travel technology platform offering all-in-one travel reservation engine, travel back-office system, travel CRM, tour management system & solution for M.I.C.E. industry. TravelCompute also provides big data solution for the travel industry catering to NTO’s, DMCs, TMCs, Airlines and Hoteliers providing meaningful insights across the industry spectrum and enables its partners to take effective measures out of those insights. Octraves also offers travel technology consulting, portal development and integration services.

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About TravelCompute

TravelCompute is a one-stop travel technology platform that enables the ability to book a range of travel products via an intuitive and integrated interface such as Flights, Hotels, Transfers, Car Hire, Tours, Trains, Buses, Cruise & more.

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