Reigniting Tess Sholom's 22k Art Jewelry With a Word

'Sculptoris' speaks to a high jewelry creator, her technique, and the origin of gold.

Tess Sholom, Sculptoris

Tess Sholom holds a legendary art jewelry past. She has worked with fashions finest couturiers, her jewelry is included in collections at the Smithsonian Institution, Museum of the City of New York, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and her permanent fashion jewelry collection is at the Met Fifth Avenue. Most recently, she has adopted a one-word title that speaks to her design technique, and her exclusive alliance with gold.

In decades past, Tess Sholom's fashion jewelry appeared in Vogue and Harper's BAZAAR. Her bespoke brand today offers a nod to the new; an artfully descriptive title that is personalized, memorable and legally protectable. Tess Sholom's point of difference in 22kt gold design lead to the one-word title.

Defining Sholom as a "sculptor in gold," was accurate, but commonplace. By combining the words "sculptor" and "is" SculptorisTM was formed and a trademarked title was created. Sculptoris is also an extraordinary, ancient star. The same star type that Nature, the Smithsonian, and the World Gold Council have recently brought to public attention. Why? The SculptorisTM star will collide or self-erupt creating a supernova releasing gold and precious metals. SculptorisTM as a title is befitting to Tess, a 22k gold jewelry artisan who has drawn design inspiration from the heavens, and is a star in her own right.

"I use a torch and tools to mold and shape the gold, similar to how ancient Greek goldsmiths crafted jewelry and the gold in my designs could be thousands of years old. I adore working in 22k gold because it is malleable and has a beautiful, rich color," said Tess Sholom.

Famed Hollywood director Julie Dash selected Tess Sholom's Circe's Circle necklace as seen on the Met Gala's red carpet this year and covered by the Associated Press. Tess' investment-quality 22k designs were featured at and currently with, and ranked 'most read September stories.'

"We wanted to unite Tess' ancient and modern art in a fresh, dynamic approach," said Pam Levine of Levine Luxury Branding, who worked with Luxe Licensing to create Sculptoris videos. Those videos have exceeded 40,000 organic views. "We also worked Alain Simić on an innovative lifestyle campaign showcased through Tess' Instagram account," Levine added.

Beyond debuting at Couture, through VIEWPOINTnext this year, Tess Sholom Designs are available at Mayfair Rocks in East Hampton, Mahnaz Collection in Manhattan, The Jewelry Bar, or

Source: Luxe Licensing, LLC

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