Rehmann Executives Address Westside Christian Academy Master Class STEAM Series

A team of 3 prominent executives from Rehmann spoke to high school students at Westside Christian Academy about the need to focus their studies on math and technology, developing a strong path for a career in finance, but emphasized exemplary character development as equally important.

Susan Gibson, Director of Client Services and Business Development for Rehmann, a CPA, business consulting and financial services firm, explained the advantages of being prepared and developing GRIT.  “GRIT means if you get knocked down you get up again,” she told the students.  “Personal GRIT has gotten people to where they are more than anything else.”

Mike Ponke, Certified Public Accountant for Rehmann added, “They will say, ‘I remember that kid, he was respectful.’  They remember a student who paid attention in class, was respectful, and did good things. People remember that stuff, its definitely important.”

"GRIT means if you get knocked down you get up again," she told the students. "Personal GRIT has gotten people to where they are more than anything else."

Susan Gibson

Director of Client Services and Business Development, Rehmann

The Westside Master Class Series focuses on careers in STEAM, science, technology, engineering, art and math, and is held at the school on the last Thursday of every month.

“We continue to equip our students with the skills they need to compete in the real-world, showing them a multitude of career possibilities in all areas of STEAM,” stated Henry Wells III, campus principal and head. “We are committed to educating strong servant leaders who influence their relationships, communities, and world for the glory of God,”

Rehmann’s Angela Teamer, Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and a Certified Public Bookkeeper summed up the message well by telling the students, “You guys are going to do well in the math and technology division, but we have to give back because so many other people gave to us we have to give back, and that’s what we do.”

About Rehmann

Rehmann provides one-on-one financial services to small businesses and middle-market companies throughout Michigan and beyond. We have grown to become one of the largest CPA, business consulting and financial services firms in the Midwest with 800 associates in 17 offices located in Michigan, Ohio and Florida. 

About Westside

Westside Christian Academy is a beacon of hope providing children a holistic, Christ-centered education in a loving community. Founded in 1994, Westside Christian Academy is located at 9540 Bramell Street on the western edge of Detroit.  Westside Christian Academy is led by Mr. Henry Wells, Campus Principal and Head, and is supported by a board of directors dedicated to excellence. Graduates of Westside can be found in colleges and universities, the military and various careers such as business, education, ministry and law enforcement.


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Source: Westside Christian Academy


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