Registration Gateway Wins District Adminstration's Top 100 Products 3 Years in a Row

Following a 2014 and 2015 win, SRC Solutions' Registration Gateway wins this award once again, this time for new features and innovations to Online Student Enrollment.

SRC Solutions is ecstatic to have Registration Gateway win the District Administration Top 100 Award for an unprecedented 3 years in a row. After receiving this award in 2014 for Registration Gateway, we knew we were onto something big by helping school districts to realize paperless efficiency especially with Online Enrollment. When we won again in 2015, we were proud of the loyalty exhibited by our customers. It was through their feedback and their variety of needs that we were able to enhance Registration Gateway to new heights. It is thanks to our many customers across the United States, again, that we are honored to receive this award for the 3rd time in a row in 2016.

District Administration Magazine, the only education magazine to reach every superintendent in the county with an impressive circulation over 75,000, takes nominations from school districts across the country every year in order to highlight the best educational resources on the cutting-edge of technology. For the third time, we are honored to receive the Top 100 Products Award, after careful consideration of over 1,500 nominations.

I think we won because of how much we value our customers, which is why they spoke out for us and nominated us in the first place. And second place and third place, for that matter. What we do, most importantly, is adapt based on them.

Patrick Maher, CEO of SRC Solutions, Inc.

At SRC Solutions, we pride ourselves on being different. Our mission and the purpose of this award are one and the same: "To make a difference in your [school] district and inspire innovation in the world of K12 in years to come." Registration Gateway, and its sister software, Central Records Gateway, work hand in hand to save money for schools by eliminating time and resources wasted on slow paper-based processes, and the physical costs of everything associated with it.

New features include the ability to create an ongoing student record from multiple registration documents, direct data integration with all major student information systems, and an address authentication that prevents fraud. From listening to our customers' challenges, insights, and needs, we are inspired to continuously upgrade our solutions so that they can do more for the administrators, secretaries, teachers, nurses, and other educational personnel we serve.

"Was I thrilled to find out we won again this year? Absolutely, and for the record, I am honored on behalf of the company. But does that mean I'm content enough with our products not to keep enhancing them? Absolutely not," says Patrick Maher, SRC Solutions, Inc. CEO. "I think we won because of how much we value our customers, which is why they spoke out for us and nominated us in the first place. And second place and third place, for that matter. Because we listen intently to their needs and complaints, not just their praise. To everything they would like Registration Gateway or Central Records Gateway to do in future iterations. We are always helping them to get the most out of our software, from ensuring the smoothness of the online registration process, to automating all kinds of reporting. But what we do, most importantly, is adapt based on them. If we stopped now, I could guarantee we wouldn't be winning any awards next year."

All in all, we'd like to thank District Top Administration for the opportunity to showcase Registration Gateway, and we'd like to thank our customers for our nomination and continued loyalty. Winning for a third time is truly special as it is proof the long nights and weekends are truly worth it to ensure the success of our customers.

To hear a few words straight from our customers, follow this link to our testimonials page.

Registration Gateway and Central Records Gateway are two of SRC Solutions Gateway Suite applications that deliver true workflow enhancement and digital entry points for school districts around the world.

Additional Gateway Suite Applications include:
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Human Resources Gateway
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ParentShare Gateway
Records Request Gateway

Your district can take Registration Gateway and Central Records Gateway for spin by visiting our K12 Test Playground at

The winners, selected by District Administration's editors from a 1,500-plus nominations, were products that received the highest number of nominations and best descriptions from K12 leaders.

The Readers' Choice Top 100 has been announced online and in the December 2016 issue of District Administration.

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