Regional Medical Group Launches Telemedicine Solution for Patient Care

​​​Regional Medical Group (RMG) today announced that patients can now access a new HIPAA Compliant telemedicine platform via online or mobile phone to speak with a trusted RMG doctor. This real-time audio and video solution connection will allow healthcare providers, medical professionals, and doctors in their network to treat patients during the COVID-19 outbreak at no additional cost.

The following statement was released by Dr. Mark Schwaiger, CEO of Regional Medial Group:

At Regional Medical Group, we believe that telemedicine will play a crucial role in preventing the ongoing spread of the coronavirus. This exciting new service, now being offered to our patients during these uncertain times, will ensure the safety and comfort of both our patients and our on-site medical team. Patients that qualify can now engage with our trusted doctors virtually so that their care and recovery never skips a beat. It is our duty to help our patients, our partners, and the healthcare community at large to mitigate the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

The ability to perform real-time audio and video will help medical professionals and healthcare providers evaluate patients remotely for their initial medical consultation. The model of telemedicine hopes to help reduce the transmission risk of COVID-19.

Patients can now receive personalized medical care from any location with Wi-Fi or high-speed cellular connection.

Here’s how to access telemedicine as an RMG patient.

Step one: Call 404-620-2026. Existing patients or new patients qualify to access one of RMG’s trusted doctors.

Step two: Access a HIPAA Compliant Portal. Eligible patients can easily connect with a trusted doctor with a simple link click.

Step three: Schedule your doctor’s appointment. Patients can schedule a time and date to speak with a trusted RMG doctor.

According to, HIPAA Privacy Notices, in keeping compliance with the state of Georgia HIPAA regulations, telemedicine is currently restricted to existing patients only. Future patients must contact the Regional Medical Group office to participate. Not all clinical scenarios may be appropriate for telemedicine calls. In-person evaluations may still be necessary to establish a diagnosis or initiate treatment and maintain recovery.

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