Regional Event Offers Vital Insight for Practitioners in the Field of BioEnergetic Medicine

Two-day BioEnergetic Methodologies event focuses on integrating natural supplementation in a 21st century practice

Dahlonega, GA --Energetix, a leading natural remedy line, holds its upcoming regional event in Orlando, Florida on February 26-27, 2010. The BioEnergetic Methodologies course is available to a broad range of practitioners including MDs, NDs, nurse practitioners, chiropractors and acupuncturists. Highlights of the event include homeopathy and its vital role in the healing process, synergistic remedy combining and customized healing strategies.

According to Gregg Hake, CEO Energetix,"The Energetix line of products is carefully designed to serve all fields of medicine and complement any healing modality. We provide solutions for virtually the entire spectrum of modern ailments in a safe and natural format. "

This event was also held last month in Indianapolis, Indiana and was regarded highly by the practitioners who attended. Comments on the success of the event included:

Shahnaz Sabeti DC, "Of all the seminars I have attended, this conference offered the most valuable information that I could use right away in my practice. There was not the usual lure for more training, just a heartfelt desire to provide. Thank you for the quality experience, and I look forward to working with your company."

Brian Klepzig DC, "Thank you for your personal attention this weekend. I could tell that everyone in attendance had the heart of a healer. Not all seminars are like that."

Lara Mealor, Energetix account representative who organized the event said, "It is always exciting when a group of like-minded practitioners come together, without ego, without agenda, but with open hearts and open minds to learn how to better serve their patients. This is exactly what occurred at the BioEnergetic Methodologies 2-day event in Indianapolis on January 29-30. Although the group was diverse in their backgrounds, the depth of passion and desire to grow forged a connection that will no doubt be long-lasting."

This course is also being held in Austin, TX (April 23-24, 2010), New York (June 18-19, 2010), San Francisco (July 16-17), Columbus, OH (July 30-31), and Denver, CO (August 20-21). Practitioners are welcomed to contact Energetix for more information 800.990.7085 or

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