RegCure Pro Offers PC Users a Clean, Fast Computer

ParetoLogic has launched RegCure Pro, the complete system optimization utility. The software offers users an easy way to improve PC speed and stop errors, and other solutions.

ParetoLogic has launched the big-budget sequel to its most popular and influential software to date. RegCure Pro takes the same principles that made RegCure a success and enhances them to meet the demands of computer users in 2012 and beyond. With scans and tools to boost speed, stop errors, enhance security, and more, the software is already generating a buzz among consumers.

"The world of technology is constantly moving, and RegCure has moved with it," said Norman Eldridge, ParetoLogic Product Manager. "RegCure Pro utilizes system optimization techniques that simply weren't available years ago. The combination of scans and tools is certain to help transform our users' PCs."

RegCure Pro's primary scan targets four major areas: registry errors, malware, privacy files, and junk files. Together, they contribute to the majority of system error messages and performance issues. Registry errors are a common plight for Windows users. Due to the way the operating system relies on the database of preferences and options, it is often a source of error messages and problems. Malware, besides its intended effect of displaying popups or spying on a user's activities, can also drag down performance. Junk files and privacy files pose a security risk, and can cause speed issues of their own if they are not kept in check.

The main scan is also joined by a variety of other tools and scans. These include a disk defragmenter, startup manager, file extension manager, and more. All these functions meet ParetoLogic's three click philosophy. "The user needs to be able to get the job in three clicks: clean, scan, and fix. No advanced PC knowledge is required," said Mr. Eldridge.

There's no shortage of utility programs that promise a faster computer. ParetoLogic hopes the added tools and scans in RegCure Pro will help convince users to try a free download and scan with their software. "Added malware scans and privacy scans means better security," explained Mr. Eldridge. "Cleared out junk files means more hard drive space and better performance. An upgraded registry scan means more speed and fewer errors caused by registry problems. RegCure Pro means a better PC".

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