Reflecting Values Back Into the Community

The local community has given up a lot this past year, but giving back was never something that stopped.

Prestige Jewellers Family

 Long before this pandemic hit, Prestige Jewellers has been a place where the community can come when they need something, jewelry, or otherwise. Giving back has always been and always will be a core tenant of Prestige Jewellers.

Think back to a year ago when the first lockdown began. Every shelf in the grocery store was empty. Everyone was hoarding as many essential supplies as possible because it was uncertain how long this would last. 

While looking at those empty shelves felt uneasy, sitting back and doing nothing felt worse. Last year, no matter the location, food donations dropped off at the store meant going home with a beautiful pair of earrings. When Moe wasn't managing the store, he was running errands, buying groceries, and filling prescriptions for over 45 people that first month of lockdown.

Moe was far from the only person running these errands. As soon as he posted about lending a hand, 20 more people replied saying they were either already doing the same, or were inspired to jump in and help. 

Prestige Jeweller's friend Kathy is a fellow proud local business owner of an Arts & Crafts store. Her family was battling insurance claims due to a flood and a rare form of cancer, all during the pandemic. The response when Prestige Jewelers asked the community to help out was overwhelming.  

Initially, the plan was to raffle off one ring to raise $5,000. Well, that goal was reached in one day, so a second ring was added and the total amount raised went up to $15,000. There were single donations of up to $500, and people wrote in that if their name was chosen, to pick again because they just wanted to donate.

Take away everything sparkly and shiny in the showcases, what is left? Behind the diamonds, rubies, and sapphires is a place where everyone in the community is welcome. Customers are encouraged to share how the day has gone, find pieces that show loved ones how cherished they are, and let Prestige Jewelers help fix what's broken.

Prestige Jewelers is a catalyst for giving in the community, not the cause. None of the drives or raffles would amount to anything without the community that supports them so readily. Everyone in this community knows the team at Prestige Jewelers would do the same for them if they needed it.

Source: Prestige Jewellers

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