Reed Cavendish Wealth Management - US China Trade Talks Find Common Ground

Reed Cavendish Wealth Management - Latest round of US China trade talks may provide foundation to reach agreement on trade dispute.

Reed Cavendish Wealth Management analysts say the conclusion of the latest round of trade talks between the US and China may have established a common ground from which the two countries can work towards a resolution of ongoing trade tensions.

Although China’s Commerce Ministry stated that significant progress had been made on several issues, the US announced that there remained a long list of unresolved problems which needed to be addressed.

Analysts at Reed Cavendish Wealth Management say China has agreed to purchase significant amounts of goods and services from the US in an effort to shrink the trade deficit between the two countries.

Structural issues that were addressed during the trade talks included the contentious issues of intellectual property rights and forced tech transfers.

Towards the end of last year, US President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to call a trade war truce for 90 days, giving the two countries until March to work towards a satisfactory resolution.

Reed Cavendish Wealth Management analysts say last year’s ongoing escalation of trade tensions where both China and the US imposed tariffs to the value of billions of dollars on each other’s products has begun to take its toll on China’s economy.

Although overall exports reached their highest level in seven years and China’s trade surplus with the US reaching its highest point on record, export and imports declined by more than anticipated in December, fueling concerns that the world’s second-largest economy could be facing a trade recession in the coming year.

Source: Reed Cavendish Wealth Management