Redrock Biometrics Announces Launch of 'PalmID-X' at Finovate Spring 2019

PalmID-X delivers palm-based biometrics via SaaS for large-scale identification projects

​​Redrock Biometrics, a leading provider of palm-based biometrics for authentication and identification, announced the official launch of their breakthrough identification solution – PalmID-X at the exclusive invitation-only Finovate Spring 2019. PalmID-X expands the applicability of biometric identification to large groups of people, creating a basis for seamless services and transactions without physical tokens.

“Identification is much more challenging task than authentication. Most biometric modalities do not have sufficient accuracy for identifying a person in a group larger than a thousand,” says Redrock Biometrics’ co-founder Lenny Kontsevich. “Palm biometrics is different. It allows to raise the limit more than tenfold: from a thousand to tens of thousands.”

Using standard RGB camera and/or infrared camera, PalmID-X captures palm prints and/or subdermal veins to produce a highly unique palm signature. Proprietary PalmID® algorithms match palm signatures for wide range of palm positions, orientations, and illumination conditions. The SaaS component of PalmID-X is capable to perform matching of a newly captured palm signature with tens of thousands of signatures stored in its database in a fraction of a second.

“A dramatic expansion of the group size, provided by PalmID-X service, opens new exciting applications for identification. Every day I carry two RFID fobs: one for a large public garage and another for an office building. PalmID-X is capable to make these fobs obsolete once and forever by checking me using my palm,” says the company CEO and co-founder Hua Yang. “Or, for example, frequent shoppers of a supermarket will be able to pay at checkout by mere showing palm to a payment terminal. There is no more need to carry credit cards or cash. Once you register your palm in the system, you hold your identity literally in the palm of your hand.”

PalmID-X matching algorithms transcend palm matching; they can combine face biometrics, location, and text metadata to narrow down the search. Biometric data are securely stored in the cloud in scrambled and anonymized form. Biometric matching can be performed without the need to ever decrypt the data. There is no way for a hacker to steal user records or to recover palm images.

Redrock Biometrics is a creator of PalmID® technology for matching palm images captured in visible and infrared spectra. The company is located in San Francisco.

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