Redefine How Your Child Learns to Read - SKIDOS IRIS Helps Improve Reading Skills While Having Fun

New Reading Module: SKIDOS IRIS

Recent studies show a worrying trend of inadequate early reading and comprehension skills in children across the United States. As per the National Assessment of Educational Progress, only 35% of fourth-grade students in the United States read at or above the proficient level. Experts say that the solution lies in understanding the Science of Reading and making it a joyful experience for young learners. Addressing this issue, the multiple award-winning edutainment platform SKIDOS has launched an interactive learning module designed to ignite a love for reading in children. 

Developed with a goal to revolutionize early reading, SKIDOS’ new module IRIS (I Read, I Succeed) takes young learners on an enchanting treasure hunt through multiple interactive maps. IRIS is an immersive experience that combines the magic of songs, videos, animations, tracing activities, listening practice, stories and quizzes. 

Ontario-certified teacher and publishing professional Ms. Jaya Sharma stated, “Making learning to read a fun experience for kids is crucial as it cultivates a positive attitude towards literacy. When children enjoy reading, they are more likely to develop strong literacy skills and a lifelong love for books.”

The curriculum of IRIS is meticulously aligned with the highly acclaimed Science of Reading (SoR) method. Through 125+ interactive learning resources and activities, children learn the sounds of letters and phonics, laying a strong foundation for reading fluency. The fun treasure hunt adventure with SKIDOS’ trusted digital mascot Neta encourages children to comprehend and create new words independently, fostering creativity and self-expression.

SKIDOS IRIS isn't just about phonics - this educator-designed module teaches children how to form 500+ words using blends and segmentations, enhancing their vocabulary and spelling skills. It also provides a first introduction to sight words and CVC words for young readers, helping them improve their reading speed, comprehension, and accuracy for the future. Ultimately, with SKIDOS IRIS, children progress to creating short phrases and sentences, consolidating their reading skills.

Aditya  Prakash, founder CEO of SKIDOS, says, "With IRIS, our mission is to empower young children to become confident readers by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to discover the joy of reading, and IRIS is our way of making that possible."

Parents can explore the reading adventures of IRIS in their kids’ favorite SKIDOS games on the App Store. For more information, visit


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Source: SKIDOS