Red-Fern Media: Striving Towards Success

Red-Fern Media is enjoying increased success partnering with other firms, as well as taking on new staff to help deliver their wide range of products and services.

Red-Fern Media is an integrated digital agency that delivers web design, bespoke development and digital marketing, has been going from strength to strength over the last eight years. As the list of clients has grown, Red-Fern Media has had to adapt to changing technologies and client needs to deliver business growth - which is a leading factor in the decision to invest and partner with HubSpot. 

Sean Redfearn, Managing Director at Red-Fern Media said, ‘Using software such as HubSpot allows us to develop strategic growth for our clients through increasing website visitors, leads and conversions. With automated workflows, lead and sales marketing funnels we are developing inbound marketing strategies for our clients that are seeing great success.

Not only has Hubspot allowed us to track and report on all media channels including website traffic, content campaigns, calls-to-actions and social media engagement, it allows us to be totally transparent with our customers investment and the leads and conversions we are creating.’

The 2015-2016 financial year saw a huge success for the company, which lead to not only the purchase of the HubSpot software but also the hiring of three new digital marketing staff members, as well as also moving to a new office. With the increased success also comes expansion and Red-Fern Media managing to control their growth without it affecting their products and services, or the level of service that they offer their clients.

The experience that Red-Fern Media has across a broad range of channels allows them to work with their customers and help to grow their business through development and nurturing. The company has experience of working with a broad spectrum of clients including Blue Chip companies such as the British Engineering Services, Wardle Stories, as well as What More UK Ltd. 

Not willing to settle for their current level of success, the company is striving to improve their digital offering for their clients and will be rolling out a new range of bespoke intranet services. Red-Fern Media’s experience in sectors such as Retail, Manufacturing, and Education, will put them in good stead to expand their current offering of services and help to not only grow their own business but also assisting in driving forward the business of their customers.  

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