Red Dead Redemption 2 Takes Over Imgur Ads

Community-powered entertainment platform Imgur and video game publishing powerhouse Rockstar Games will present an Imgur Ad Buyout designed to drastically limit the number of ads shown to Imgur’s community of 250M monthly users. The Imgur Ad Buyout is a first of its kind advertising deal for the platform, with the first Imgur Ad Buyout taking place on October 26 for the launch of Red Redemption 2.

As part of the Imgur Ad Buyout, Rockstar will run a very limited number of ads for Red Dead Redemption 2 in the platform’s top placement spots, minimizing advertiser content for the day and creating a better content viewing and sharing experience for the Imgur community, which skews largely millennial male - a demographic that over-indexes on its use of ad-blocking technology.

“We know that Imgur’s community are some of the biggest users of ad-blockers on the internet, which is why we’ve built an advertising and creative strategy that takes that into account and delivers value to our users,” said Bob Huseby, VP of Sales for Imgur. “Rockstar understands this about the Imgur community and wanted to go beyond the expected to provide a brand experience that brings value to Imgurians. We believe that this approach will definitely resonate with our users.”

Imgur worked closely with MODCo Media, Rockstar’s media agency of record, who planned and executed the campaign to produce a unique experience.

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