Red Canyon Technologies and Perikin Enterprises Announce Strategic Joint Venture

Red Canyon Technologies (Red Canyon), a Diné Development Corporation (DDC) company and federal IT solutions innovator, announced that it has formed a joint venture (JV) with Perikin Enterprises (Perikin), leader in aerospace engineering. The Red Canyon-Perikin JV will deliver value-driven solutions to advance Department of Defense (DOD) missions.

Through a strategic Mentor-Protégé partnership, the JV will leverage the unique strengths and complementary capabilities of both companies to deliver value for aerospace and defense clients. The unification of advanced engineering, test and evaluation, operations and logistics, and data enablement expertise will power innovation to solve critical defense challenges. The team will offer clients a robust suite of solutions designed to not only deliver modernized support systems but also promote long-term sustainability for the future.

"We are thrilled to partner with Perikin as we forge this promising venture," stated Jeff Abney, DDC Vice President of Growth and Strategy, DOD. "By joining forces, we are poised to deliver exceptional engineering and technology solutions that provide unparalleled value to the defense community. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to excellence and forward-thinking approach."

“I am truly ecstatic about the partnership that we have been able to foster, grow, and solidify with Red Canyon,” said Jon Osborne, Perikin Director of Advanced Engineering. “The unique and complementary abilities of the JV will afford our customers a force multiplier in delivering exceptional engineering capabilities to accelerate progress in national defense. It continues to be a remarkable experience collaborating with a partner that understands and embraces the same sense of urgency and importance of keeping the country safe for future generations.”

About Red Canyon Technologies
Red Canyon transforms technology challenges into value-driven solutions to deliver scalable, accelerated results. Leveraging collaborative expertise and thought leadership, Red Canyon delivers leading IT services to power federal mission-critical objectives. As a tribally owned, 8(a) certified, Small Disadvantaged Business, Red Canyon is committed to advancing the Navajo legacy of innovation to ensure sustainable prosperity for future generations. For more information, visit

About Perikin Enterprises
Perikin Enterprises, an 8(a) certified, Small Disadvantaged Business, has distinguished itself as a leader in providing innovative engineering solutions, exceptional professional services, and excellence in construction management. With a national presence and a diverse range of services in its portfolio, Perikin has established a strong reputation built on trust, communication, continual improvement, and a commitment to innovation. 

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Source: Red Canyon Technologies

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