Recycled Thermal Paper - Introduces Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Recycled Thermal Paper: A veritable environmentally friendly alternative. Recycled Thermal Paper: Reduces use of precious natural resources. Recycled Thermal Paper: Printing can be accomplished using a normal thermal printer.

Recycled thermal paper is the environmental friendly alternative to the normal or routine thermal paper available at most stationary stores in the United States and other parts of the world. The normal thermal paper that is used in most businesses and industries is generally made from virgin paper sourced from forests, which is a not an environment friendly practice. The impact of using paper from raw materials sourced from forests adds to the global warming problem and leaves us with less oxygen to breathe.

So that the impact on the environment is reduced and people get used to using recycled forms of thermal paper, the leading online company has introduced recycled thermal paper on the market.

"Routine thermal paper can pose a threat to the environment owing to the practices involved in sourcing the virgin component of paper used in its manufacture. However, we now have introduced non recycled or thermal paper that is capable of fulfilling the needs of nearly every business that uses normal thermal paper," says Mike Anderson, CEO of

Recycled thermal paper consists of 30% post consumer waste, which actually comes from the garbage that people discard in many ways. Though this paper is less bright that non-recycled paper, printing on it is accomplished using a normal thermal printer and is very dark black and legible as well. The advantage of using recycled thermal paper is cost-effectiveness and economy while helping save the planet's precious natural resources.

At present, thermal paper is used in various industry and business verticals like hospitality, retail banking, gas stations, credit card processing, governments and municipalities, and many others. If one stops to think over here, businesses and industry can contribute immensely to saving the environment by switching over to recycled thermal paper.

The company ensures that the virgin pulp component is sourced only from FSC certified mills that employ sustainable forest practices. Furthermore, the core of the roll is made from recycled material rather than plastic. The product is delivered in 100%-recycled cartons. The company also prints the client's logo at the back of the paper roll along with the recycled seal. This enables the client to promote their commitment to the environment.

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