Recruitment Round-Up 2015: An Analysis by

The year 2015 is on the verge of ending and the New Year is about to knock with promising opportunities for the job seekers.

Hyderabad, Telangana, December 23, 2015 (Newswire) -​

The year 2015 is on the verge of ending and the New Year is about to knock with promising opportunities for the job seekers. 

A recent analysis done by for the year 2015 has unfolded the resurrection of sorts regarding job creation in the industries with a steady rise in hiring activities as the year wore on. Employers across the industries are expressing confidence that this trend would continue and will remain at the same pace in the first quarter of the coming year as well. In the upcoming year, industries can expect the forecast to be a whole lot better than a year ago.

Here are some of the striking findings of the study.

Quality Hiring – The Key to Company’s Success

• 2015 saw companies not compromise when it came to hiring the best because they realized that the success of a business depends on the quality of their workforce. 

• Companies started preferring and following job boards and social, professional networks as compared to postings job openings on other platforms in search of suitable candidates for their business.

Social Professional Networks – A Reliable Source

• It is found that more than 70 percent of the employers expressed their interest in recruiting through social media.

• Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook became the first choice to find the right candidate for the company.

• These social platforms helped maintain a balance between quality and quantity when it comes to hiring the right professionals.

Passive to Active – Targeting the Untargeted

• 2015 saw companies shift their focus towards activating their passive database and translating them into active job seekers

• Surveys revealed that as many as 60 percents of LinkedIn members are not actively seeking jobs, but still they are interested in new job leads.

Talent Branding – Giving Aspiration a Boost

• Companies in 2015, especially start-ups, paid more attention to the impact of a good brand and company culture on their hiring process to make the process effective and efficient.

• Pass-outs from B-schools and engineering colleges were again the center of attraction for employers.

Optimized Interviews

• In 2015, many companies eliminated prejudice in their hiring and substituted interviews with more reliable online assessments.

• Many tech companies adopted innovative strategies like hackathons to hire the right candidates through encouraging real-time environments.  

A Few Hints for 2016

• It is expected that in 2016, data-driven recruiting will come to the fore, and be used to improve everything from job descriptions to interview processes. 

• Employee retention will become a top priority for organizations, especially at the higher levels where companies are competing for a common pool. 

• There will be growth in social and referral-based hiring as the focus has shifted towards quality hiring. 

• Recruiters are going to target both passive and active candidates., a part of Wisdom IT Services India Pvt. Ltd., is an online job portal that is dedicated to simplifying the hiring process for recruiters and job seekers. Further, the group is responsible for conducting online surveys to provide information regarding on-going market trends to the people.