Recovery Delivered Expands to Offer Care in Connecticut, Colorado, and North Carolina, Continued Expansion Expected in November

Colorado Suboxone Treatment, an online provider of Medication Assisted Treatment, has once again expanded its territories to include Connecticut, Colorado, and North Carolina, allowing the firm to offer Suboxone® doctors all online through their telemedicine app.

This expansion is the fifth and largest expansion in company history. “We listen to our clients.  We received requests from the public in these states. Many people heard from a friend that we are in their state and requested we enter their state, so we streamline the process and get providers as quickly as possible to serve the community,” said Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Marcus Hansen. 

Entering these three states provides those not only in major cities but rural communities access to Suboxone® doctors near them from their smartphones, as the country is continuing to fight opioid addiction and overdoses are rising in certain states due to synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl. “We speak to our clients often and understand that a large reason for leaving a Suboxone® treatment program is ease of access, or simply access, and cost. is a direct-to-consumer model that lowers the cost to the consumer and makes it easier to continue care,” said Marcus Hansen, CMO. is easy to start or transfer care. Visit the website and download the app or chat with their bot to enter treatment. Have more questions? Let the chatbot know you have questions and you will be delivered to a live person to answer any questions you have.  The goal of is to provide access to care to anyone who is ready to stop opioids. This is why we will not only have a low cash pay rate but also accept most insurance policies, as well as Medicaid and Medicare.

Source: Recovery Delivered


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