RecordLinker Joins Guidewire Insurtech Vanguards Program

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RecordLinker, developer of a pluggable machine learning-powered data standardization technology, announced that the company has joined Guidewire's Insurtech Vanguards program, an initiative led by property and casualty (P&C) cloud platform provider, Guidewire, to help insurers learn about the newest insurtechs and how to best leverage them.

"Our vision is to eliminate thousands of hours spent by data conversion and analytics teams in Excel or home-grown tools, manually trying to standardize reference data records that mean the same thing but are coded or spelled differently among the systems," said Roman Stepanenko, Chief Executive Officer, RecordLinker. "The Guidewire Insurtech Vanguards program is advancing efficiencies for the most innovative insurers, so we are super excited to join this program and introduce our technology."

Insurtech Vanguards is a community of select startups and technology providers that are bringing novel solutions to the P&C industry. As part of the program, Guidewire provides strategic guidance to and advocates for the participating insurtechs, while connecting them with Guidewire's P&C customers.

"The fragmentation of internal systems and an explosion in the amount of data coming from external providers is causing a huge data management problem for insurers' conversion and analytics teams," said Laura Drabik, Chief Evangelist, Guidewire. "We are excited to welcome RecordLinker as our newest Insurtech Vanguard and look forward to them joining our roster of insurtechs that are changing the game."

Insurers can use RecordLinker to speed up conversions between different installations of policy or claim administration systems, where the task of manually re-mapping thousands of records with retailer names, coverage types, loss causes, and other reference data slows down migrations. Another major area of using RecordLinker is to standardize external input data in a data mart, allowing data science and analytics teams to work on clean and coherent data sets. RecordLinker is a pluggable, additive solution that allows data teams to retain their investment in existing ETL tools, scripts, and third-party or home-grown Master Data Management solutions. Without having to replace any existing tools or processes, a team can rapidly normalize input data to their master data set using RecordLinker, and then pull created linkages into their existing process flow, staging database, or a data mart - via API or a manual download.

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About RecordLinker

RecordLinker, founded in 2022, is focused on eliminating thousands of hours spent by the data teams on record linkage - a task of manually "mapping" or "linking" records between different systems to the same set of master data records, either for conversions or for improving the quality of data marts used in reporting, analytics, or predictions.

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About RecordLinker Inc.

RecordLinker, developer of a pluggable machine learning-powered data standardization technology, is focused on eliminating thousands of hours spent by the data teams on record linkage: manually 'mapping' or 'linking' records between different systems

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