Recording Passengers: The 'Dash Cam Dilemma'

LegalRideshare, the only law firm in the US to focus exclusively on rideshare, is often tapped with the question of the dash cam dilemma: "can a driver record me if I don't know about it or agree to it?"

First, it's important to consider: "is an Uber or Lyft a private situation?" LegalRideshare will often lean on the side of "no, it's not." It's comparable to taking public transportation like a bus in a major city. If passengers wouldn't go outside and scream something absurd, they shouldn't say it in an Uber. 

Understandably, passengers are still looking for their rights to be protected, even if legally a driver can record you in the car without your consent. 

So how can drivers protect themselves and make passengers feel safe? 

We always recommend drivers get a sticker for the back window of your car, acknowledging there's a dash cam (LegalRideshare have these stickers and gives them away for free). In states like Illinois, which is two-party consent, this really covers any issue that may arise. It's also important that drivers let riders know this is for their benefit as well, in case of an accident or assault.

When does it go too far?

A few months ago a driver was livestreaming his passengers on Twitch. This is not only a breach of trust, but a guaranteed deactivation. Recording passengers in case of an accident is one thing. Using them for a reality TV show is another.

Check out LegalRideshare's interview with ABC news where they go into more details about recording passengers.

Source: LegalRideshare

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