Record Industry Vet Shaking Things Up With Rumored Label Launch

New Label in the cards? Bare pleads the fifth, but confirms a 2nd studio is in the works.

Former Interscope-Geffen executive Andrew Bare is rumored to be back in the spotlight, with sources indicating the 31 year old is working with the backing of several, major industry players on a new label. Bare had no comment on the date of the launch, or the big name investors, but added "Its not something we've been discussing publicly due to legal obligations, but it will be worth the wait. I will say this, there is no other studio like the new one we built, we're scouting another one on the east coast so get ready." ​ 

Bare, once a rising star with the industry powerhouse Interscope Geffen opted to test his luck with an independent label in 2011, which was quietly bought out by his former employer in 2015 for an undisclosed amount. The terms of the buyout remain sealed, but people close to Mr. Bare said there was a limited non compete clause, which we assume is set to expire in the not so distant future. For now we just have to wait to see if David, has it in him to go one more round with Goliath.