Recollective Revolutionizes Market Research With Dual Product Launch: Recollective Connect and the Recollective Qualtrics Integration

Engage Panelists in a Connected Community

Recollective, a trailblazer in the market research technology industry, announces the launch of two groundbreaking offerings: Recollective Connect and the Recollective Qualtrics Integration. These innovative solutions mark a significant leap forward in enabling market research agencies and brands to engage their research participants seamlessly and efficiently.

Recollective Connect: The Future of Participant Engagement

Designed to revolutionize the way market research agencies and brands interact with their research panelists, Recollective Connect stands as a pioneering participant engagement solution. Built on the robust technology infrastructure of the Recollective platform, this connected solution supports community home pages and forums, streamlines the visibility and access to external surveys and expedites the launch of qualitative studies within the Recollective ecosystem.

With Recollective Connect, researchers can reduce participant churn and the arduous and expensive task of re-recruitment. By fostering deeper engagement, this solution not only saves time and resources but also elevates the quality of insights garnered, enriching the research process for all stakeholders involved.

Recollective Qualtrics Integration: Seamlessly Uniting Two Powerhouses

Complementing the launch of Recollective Connect is the introduction of the Recollective Qualtrics Integration. This integration heralds a new era of efficiency, enabling researchers to effortlessly import Qualtrics participant data into the Recollective platform and seamlessly guide participants to complete Qualtrics surveys. Notably, this integration is a no-code solution requiring mere moments to set up and is included as standard in Recollective licenses.

Alfred Jay, CEO of Recollective, expressed enthusiasm about the launches, stating, "With the introduction of Recollective Connect, we’re providing organizations with a powerful and innovative capability to easily create and manage an interactive home for their research respondents. Connect makes it easy and affordable to engage communities at scale and improve their brand experience. It has the potential to accelerate quantitative and qualitative research efforts while also driving down overall research costs, all without having to change the research tools you use."

Pioneering the Future of Market Research

These dual product launches underscore Recollective's unwavering commitment to build innovative market research technology. For more than two decades, Recollective has empowered global brands and agencies to build long-term communities with unprecedented efficiency.

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