Recognize Your Transferable Skills for Your Career Growth!

If you are thinking of a career shift, consider your transferable skills set. You may come across a few qualities that may surprise even you but will only add up to your work profile making you much desired in the job market.

Over the years you may have developed a set of qualities that is well respected in the work place. Some of these may include leadership, working in a team, self confidence and working knowledge of other cultures.

The transferable skill set may be personal, practical or specialist transferable skills. You may use a practical knowledge or experience to rescue someone instantly when in trouble. Organization skills, integrity, loyalty, reliability are some qualities that every employer would love to have in their employees. These qualities are rare today and absolutely treasured. Some other acquired qualities such as the working in depth knowledge of computer, communication tools and languages can be a boon for any organization.

To know of your own transferable skill set, you could choose a self assessment path through looking back at all your varied experiences. There is professional help available too. All that you need to do is answer a few questions verbally or written. There might be a worksheet too. Identify them and change your industry completely for a new start that you had been dreaming of for ages.

To choose a profession that will suit your dexterity best and also to use your acquired and the inherent qualities best do an in depth research of the various professional aspects available for you.

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