Receptra Naturals Releases New CBD Dog Treats

Just when you thought CBD was only good for humans, Receptra Naturals releases new CBD dog treats for pain, mobility, and calmness.


Receptra Naturals is excited to release their new CBD dog treats for joint pain, mobility issues, and for promoting calmness in stressful situations. These all-natural treats use human-grade ingredients, including 100mg of wild Alaskan salmon oil and 5mg of full-spectrum hemp CBD. These two key ingredients have natural effectiveness in reducing inflammation to help soothe joint pain and promote mobility, while the CBD has the added benefit of promoting calmness.

They say that dogs are man's best friends, so it pains us to see them suffer. We may find ourselves asking, "what can I give my dog for pain?" Many dog owners are turning to CBD as a solution. That is because dogs, like any animal with vertebrae (including humans) have an endocannabinoid system that interacts with cannabinoids found naturally in marijuana. This is the same reason why medical marijuana is so effective in humans. The cannabinoids found in CBD (and now in Receptra Naturals' dog treats) interact with your dog's cannabinoid system to relieve joint pain, which improves mobility, all while promoting calmness.

Receptra Naturals started off as a company dedicated to using the best CBD products for humans, when the founder, Rusty Scott, slipped and fell on his knee, resulting in chronic pain. Wanting to avoid pharmaceuticals, Rusty turned to CBD for pain relief. However, what he found disappointed him: CBD products with poor quality ingredients claiming to have miraculous pain-healing powers. This led Rusty to found Receptra Naturals with the goal of providing therapeutically potent CBD products from organically grown Colorado hemp that consistently worked.

Based on the success of Receptra Naturals' human CBD products, the company decided to launch a new line for our furry friends as well. They have CBD tinctures and treats for dogs, cats, and birds. Their new dog treat comes in peanut butter bacon flavor, making them not only effective in relieving pain and promoting calmness, but tasty too!

Since their founding in 2015, Receptra has created a legacy of reliable, effective CBD products designed to help solve serious problems for thousands of people (and now pets too). Transparency and trust have been their focus from the beginning. Receptra is built on a desire to deliver truth - CBD products that really work, products that are all-natural, plant-based, include organic ingredients, and a focus on quality and transparency.

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