Recell Cellular Offers Customers $200.00 Bonus for Phones Sold Through 1/15/2016

Recell Cellular is now offering customers a chance to pocket an additional $200.00 for phones sold now through 1/15/2016. This Bonus Payment is for any 10 phones sold through the companies website, phones can be sold in multiple orders. This is a unique opportunity for online phone sellers to make more money than has ever been offered before.

​Recell Cellular offers special holiday promotion

In a special holiday promotion on top of its already competitive mobile phone buyback prices, Recell Celluar is offering customers the chance to earn $200 bonus cash for any combined sale of 10 or more phones. The promotion, which runs from 11/1/15 to 1/15/16, is uniquely high among "sell my phone" promotions, and represents Recell Cellular's dedication to getting its customers the biggest cash payout for their new, used and pre-owned mobile phones.

Recell Cellular is offering a range of different options that allow users to sell for cash or trade in credit, quickly and easily. Using their online platform, sellers can get a quote based on current market prices and simply ship their phone to get paid in record time. As this new service continues to make waves in the world of mobile technology, industry leaders are looking for reasons behind the company's success.

Jason Young, President

A company spokesperson for Recell Celluar says: "No other buyback company has ever offered a promotion like this. Our focus continues to be putting more cash in sellers' pockets. This $200.00 bonus on top of our already high payouts is a great way to get cash for phones and accrue money for holiday spending. We know that cell phones will be big holiday gifts this year so we are running the promotion through 1/15/16."

Recell Celluar is a market leader in mobile phone buyback, using its own detailed market analysis to offer competitive prices for used and previously-owned phones. Individuals wanting money for an upgrade can sell their phones online for cash, while companies that need to sell phones in bulk can get cash for phones using special bulk invoicing. Recell Celluar specializes in handling phones from any carrier and makes competitive offers for phones in any condition. Recell Cellular often beats other buyback companies' estimates by $10 or more per phone, thanks to its low overhead and proprietary valuation algorithm, so with the promotion customers could easily earn $30 more per used phone than with the next online competitor.

The promotion applies specifically to any customer that sends in 10 or more phones in "good" or better condition, so phones that are not working or that show significant cosmetic damage are excluded. Great for businesses investing in company phone upgrades over the holiday season, the promotion is also valid for individuals who sell 10 or more phones cumulatively over the course of the promotion. Phones do not have to be sold in a single transaction to be eligible for the $200 bonus cash; as long as a customer sells at least 10 phones during the promotional period, each sale counts towards that customer qualifying for the bonus cash promotion. Families upgrading every phone on their plan or individuals who have accumulated used phones over multiple upgrades are all eligible to benefit from Recell Celluar's promotion.

Customers can take advantage of Recell Celluar's holiday promotion, which offers $200 additional cash on top of the value of the phone, by visiting or emailing Customers can also obtain a no-obligation quote by selecting the manufacturer, model and condition of a phone via an online form. If a customer accepts Recell Cellular's offer a printable pre-paid shipping label is instantly emailed, which makes sending in used phones as simple as going to the post office. If your phones are eligible for this special holiday promotion, Recell Cellular's holiday special is a great way to pocket some extra holiday cash for spending this winter.

About Recell Cellular

Recell Cellular, located in Wilmington NC, has been in the cell phone buyback business since 2011. offers sellers' the most for their phones, free shipping with tracking, as well as safe, secure and faster payouts than competitors.

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