Receivable Savvy Publishes Groundbreaking Order-to-Cash Toolbox

Comprehensive resource helps supplier organizations improve operations and equips professionals responsible for any element of Order-to-Cash

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​​​​​​Receivable Savvy, the research and best practice resource for Order-to-Cash professionals, today published its Order-to-Cash Toolbox.  This groundbreaking and comprehensive package is designed to help professionals master any segment of their company’s operation along the Order-to-Cash continuum.

The Toolbox focuses on disciplines in nine areas of Order-to-Cash, including customer and order management, fulfillment, credit management and collections, invoicing, cash application and more. The Toolbox provides insight, recommendations and best practice guidance, resource and solution provider lists, downloadable templates and documents – resources any professional can use within their organization, regardless of company size or industry.  In addition, the Toolbox contains bonus material covering internal controls and business continuity. 

We're very pleased to offer The Order-to-Cash Toolbox and are excited that this valuable resource can be used by anyone hungry to address operational challenges, make critical implementation decisions and incorporate leading practices anywhere along the Order-to-Cash process.

Ernie Martin, Founder and Managing Director

“We’re very pleased to offer The Order-to-Cash Toolbox and are excited that this valuable resource can be used by anyone hungry to address operational challenges, make critical implementation decisions and incorporate leading practices anywhere within the Order-to-Cash process,” said Ernie Martin, Founder and Managing Director of Receivable Savvy.  “We will continue to expand the Toolbox and look forward to remaining a trusted and dependable resource for professionals and organizations as they address multiple pain points within the O2C process.”

Receivable Savvy collaborated with Chris Doxey, one of the foremost authorities in the area of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC), in building the Toolbox.  As president of Doxey, Inc. and in her various roles in Finance for a number of leading organizations, Chris has spent considerable time over the last 20+ years helping organizations refine and improve their internal processes in GRC and Order-to-Cash.

The Toolbox is also partially sponsored by Billtrust, the premier payment cycle management provider, and Rimilia, the intelligent finance solutions provider for a fast moving world. 

The Order-to-Cash Toolbox can be accessed here along with a brief video explaining how it works.  The Toolbox can also be accessed by simply visiting the Receivable Savvy Website at

About Receivable Savvy

Receivable Savvy helps supplier organizations master the Accounts Receivable and Order-to-Cash process by maximizing revenue through proprietary research, best practice content and insight from subject matter experts.

Founded in 2015, the Receivable Savvy mission is to cultivate knowledge and understanding among suppliers while also delving into their habits, practices and preferences. Comprised of industry veterans, Receivable Savvy strives to be the primary source of financial supply chain information for Accounts Receivable professionals focused on key elements of the Order-to-Cash process.

Receivable Savvy helps its members understand issues around customer master data, order management, credit management, invoicing, accounts receivable, payment, collections management, cash application, compliance and internal controls.

About Chris Doxey

Chris Doxey, CAPP, CCSA, CICA, CPC spent most of her career implementing “top gun” leadership teams and processes in her quest to fight fraud and implement internal controls at Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computer Corporation, Hewlett Packard, and MCI. She held senior finance and accounting positions that allowed her to develop and implement standards of internal control for all aspects of financial operations.  Chris holds a BA in English, a BS in Accounting, a Master’s in Business Administration, and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management. She is a Certified Accounts Payable Professional (CAPP), holds a Certification in Controls Self-Assessment (CSA), is a Certified Internal Controls Auditor (CICA), and is a Certified Professional Controller (CPC). 

About Billtrust

Billtrust accelerates cash flow by automating invoice delivery, invoice payment, and cash application. Companies can improve operational efficiency throughout the invoice-to-cash process with electronic invoicing and payments in a flexible, cloud-based solution. Finance executives and AR specialists love and recommend Quantum, Billtrust’s payment cycle management solution, for the remarkable cost savings, ease-of-use, and improved customer satisfaction rates.

Learn more about Billtrust’s Payment Cycle Management solution at

About Rimilia

Rimilia excels in the design, development and implementation of award winning cash allocation software solutions and technologies that automate and drive value from existing manually intensive finance processes. Based in the heart of the UK, our growing operations extend to Europe, USA and Asia. Our staff has a wealth of experience in technology and accounting processes and has a passion for Rimilia products and services and the added benefits they can bring to businesses worldwide.

We have first-hand experience with issues that many organizations encounter when going through change and understand how important it is to have trusted people around you to resolve them without creating new problems.

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