Real-Time Voting During Virtual Meetings -- Survey & Ballot Systems Introduces New Voting Platform

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​​​Survey & Ballot Systems is proud to announce a free trial offer of DirectVoteLive™, its newest software service for capturing and securing votes during web, video, or teleconferences. DirectVoteLive helps groups conduct private, official votes during any virtual meeting, including those using the most popular webinar services. Members of a working group can be anywhere they choose, participate in the discussion, and then weigh in with their vote on a mobile device.

"Virtual meetings are becoming the norm. But gaining a virtual consensus can be difficult," said Peter Westerhaus, Survey & Ballot Systems vice president. "In-person meetings have the advantage of quickly voting to reach a clear outcome or decision, but a virtual vote can be unruly or clumsy. And voting isn't the same as taking a survey. DirectVoteLive offers the ability to vote easily in real-time on virtual motions or ideas."

The software aides the leader of a remote meeting in reaching a group consensus or decision and then stores the results for historical minutes.

DirectVoteLive thinks like a meeting, meaning it offers a countdown to the start time, the ability to see attendance, or take roll call. With it, users can open and close a motion and then all participants see results in real-time. Meeting hosts can securely post background information, documents, or minutes from a previous meeting. That way, minutes can even be reviewed and voted on before the virtual meeting begins. Meeting hosts can also see if someone has yet to login and can send them a personalized email to remind them the meeting is about to start. Meanwhile, organizations can see key analytics to gauge the productivity of various remote meetings.

"We're listening to our customers and they helped us create DirectVoteLive," said Westerhaus. "It gets people involved, empowers people to express opinions, drives good governance, and improves meeting efficiency. Many users have already shared great feedback about DirectVoteLive as a powerful platform helping them to work together and reach a decision through a vote."

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Plans start at $49 per month.

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