Reaching New Heights With a Larger Scale Effect: SinoCorrugated South Set for 2016 Launch

To promote technological development in China's packaging industry, improve the technical content of Chinese packaging equipment, and enhance communication within the industry, Reed Exhibitions will host SinoCorrugated South 2016 at the GD Modern Exhibition Center in Houjie Town, Dongguan, from April 14 to April 16, 2016.

The world packaging printing market is bucking general industry trends and sustaining rapid development, as packaging demand continues to rise, year on year.  According to the International Corrugated Case Association (ICCA), in 2013, corrugated board production reached 219.6 billion sqm, of which China produced 56 billion sqm.  The corresponding sales were approximately USD 108 billion worldwide and USD 27.6 billion in China. In 2016, the global production and sales revenue of corrugated board is predicted to reach 271.9 billion sqm, equivalent in value to USD 133.9 billion. By the same date, production and sales revenue of corrugated board in China will reach 68.6 billion sqm, USD 33.8 billion.  By 2020, the global production and sales revenue of corrugated board will have reached 309.6 billion sqm: USD 152.6 billion. Production and sales revenue of corrugated board in China is set to reach 86.7 sqm, worth USD 42.6 billion

To promote technological development in China’s packaging industry, improve the technical content of Chinese packaging equipment, and enhance communication within the industry, Reed Exhibitions will host SinoCorrugated South 2016 at the GD Modern Exhibition Center in Houjie Town, Dongguan, from April 14 to April 16, 2016. The event will integrate all kinds of local and international packaging science and technology resources, thereby driving packaging and printing technology innovation and development.

Integrated Industry Chain To Heighten Scale Effect
To further develop the packaging industry, in 2016, SinoCorrugated South will be held concurrently with SinoFoldingCarton, SinoFlexoGraphy and China Packaging Container Expo.   The four combined exhibitions will span 67,000 sqm across the entire packaging and printing industry chain.

SinoCorrugated South 2016 is a prime corrugated equipment, consumables and technology show for Asia-Pacific, fully showcasing the corrugated box and board manufacturing equipment, together with related consumables. Leading the development of the corrugated industry, SinoCorrugated South will provide a unique platform for matching Asia-Pacific’s high quality buyers, trade and communication cooperation, expanding emerging markets, branding and networking with peers.   The event will showcase numerous competitive products across the entire corrugated manufacturing system. Well-known companies like BHS、BOBST、Marquip Ward United、Fosber、MOSCA、Tiruna、E&L、Muhlen Sohn、Sun Automation Group、EMBA、Rodicut、Champion、Valco、MingWei、Jiangxi Hsieh Hsu、K&H Machinery、YUANLUH Machinery、CHAMPLINK、Yongjin、CHAMPION、Chunhua、Taiwan Endurance、Wanlian Machinery、Kai Tuo、Guangzhou Kengshenglong、YOCO、Eternal、HINYA Machinery、YongChuan and BangDe will be onsite, showcasing their top products and services.

Additionally, the combined events will bring together end users of flexible packaging and labeling and many other professionals from the packaging manufacturing and application fields, together with SinoFoldingCarton, to integrate the entire packaging manufacturing industry chain.

International Exhibition Platform to Boost Entire Asia-Pacific Market
Reed Exhibitions consistently leverages modern and traditional media to promote events to key packaging markets worldwide. This consistently attracts buyers and trade visitors en masse. With the full support of many local and international trade associations, 2016’s mega packaging event is set to scale new heights of excellence.

In preparation for the shows, Reed will send representatives to South America, Spain, Turkey, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and many other developed and emerging corrugated manufacturing and processing regions, to further promote the shows by attending important local meetings. During these outreach activities, the Reed delegates will collaborate with local industry associations, as well as equipment suppliers and corrugated box factories to promote SinoCorrugated South 2016.

To the upcoming combined events, Reed will invite packaging and printing industry association leaders and elite enterprise representatives. Over 100 locally and internationally renowned trade associations will attend in support. Among them will be the ICCA, ACCA, TAPPI, AICC MEXICO, KCCA, AIFMP, CBMA, Vietnam Packaging Association, HKCPMA, TPICA, Guangdong Packaging Technology Association, Huanan Packaging Federation, Shenzhen Packaging Technology Association and the Chongqing Packaging Association. Reed will also organize high-level purchasing delegations to visit.

Energetic Invitation Drive to Spur Recruitment of International Visitors
Reed Exhibitions is the world’s leading events organizer, with a growing portfolio of 500 events in 43 countries. For SinoCorrugated South, Reed has set up 10 international call centers, and nearly 200 agents will issue invitations and provide various services to assure the attendance and visiting experience for the overseas buyers.

Aided by an extensive database and cloud computing, Reed’s VRC team will focus on issuing visitor invitations for SinoCorrugated. They will work closely with the project team, inviting visitors by phone, mail, fax, SMS, WeChat, online registration, and other integrated marketing channels, to attract numerous high-quality buyers and ensure a high ROI for exhibitors.

During SinoCorrugated 2015, the VRC team worked with the Marketing Department and many international call centers, successfully inviting 40,570 local and international professionals - 54.3% more than at the last edition of the event. For SinoCorrugated South 2016, Reed will continue to intensify the issuing of invitations to international visitors by engaging over 10 international call centers in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the Middle East, South America, North America and Beijing. The agents at these call centers will understand local markets and use that knowledge to invite local visitors and ensure a high quality standard of attendee. For exhibitors, the shows will be the ideal platform on which to expand global market share, and maximize the return on their participating investment.

Targeted Attendee Program (TAP) to Facilitate Accurate Business Matching
In 2016, SinoCorrugated South will run its usual TAP to help exhibitors meet face to face with influential buyers from corrugated and folding carton enterprises.  The matching will expand marketing opportunities and boost the return on participants’ investment.

The Targeted Attendee Program (TAP) specializes in serving businesses with an annual output over RMB 100 million (USD 14.7 million). The TAP team will invite procurement decision makers, including Chairmen, Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Legal Advisers, General Managers, Deputy General Managers and Purchasing Managers. By supporting regular communication and face-to-face conversation, the TAP will effectively help exhibitors meet their ideal buyers and enhance the value of the exhibition exercise. The programme will also help buyers find suitable suppliers and seal great deals efficiently through an unbeatable, high-end trade platform.

Both the local and international Targeted Attendee Programs invite buyers and big local manufactories.  Invited guests will enjoy express entry to the show via a green channel, as well as the full complement of business matching services. In the TAP lounge, complimentary refreshments will be served on an ongoing basis.  The Lounge will also have luggage storage, wireless network services and exclusive welcome gifts.  Comprehensive information related to the exhibition will also be on hand.

With the continuous growth of SinoCorrugated’s influence, and higher levels of internationalization, SinoCorrugated South 2016 will feature an even greater number of international delegations. The combined events will offer greater scale effect and convene well-known local and international suppliers, making for a comprehensive printing industry exhibition. On site, exhibitors are ensured of coming face to face with many more corrugated, folding carton, flexible packaging manufacturing enterprises.  The show, featuring an integrated packaging manufacturing chain, will fully support networking with peers, expanding the potential market.