ReachBio and abc biopply Partner to Intensify Support for De-Risking Pharma's Drug Development Process

Seattle-based primary cell biology CRO ReachBio and Swiss biotech abc biopply announced today a partnership to jointly co-market their preclinical test models. The two companies plan to support their clients with an even more predictive assay portfolio to further increase the efficiency of their drug discovery and development process.


Before clinical trials of new drug candidates can proceed, drug target efficacy and the potential for off-target toxicity both require rigorous assessment. Interspecies differences severely limit the predictive capability of conventional animal models to around 10%. ReachBio and abc bioapply have been successfully working independently on developing and introducing physiological ex vivo models to support preclinical drug research. Both companies are confident that this joint initiative will assist clients with drug development modernization strategies. 

ReachBio brings to the collaboration its many years of primary cell biology expertise and services in predictive and investigative toxicology, immuno-oncology, cytokine storm risk analysis, ADCC assay services, antibody testing, flow cytometry/ immune profiling and hematotoxicity testing. The evaluation of hematopoietic off-target cytotoxicity is especially relevant in preclinical studies focused on a variety of compound classes, including antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), small molecules and bispecific antibodies. 

abc biopply is specialized in advanced solutions for preclinical disease models and drug discovery and has pioneered a unique portfolio of 3D tissue imaging and analysis assays all based on the groundbreaking flexibility of the company's 3D CoSeedis ™ technology platform. The company brings to the partnership its multi-organoid system providing solutions to assess drugs in a systemic environment and boost the relevance of in vitro testing to the ex vivo level.

The partners are currently evaluating the synergies of the two models in a pilot project and subsequently plan to market them jointly. 

Rob Chaney, CEO ReachBio said, "We believe this collaboration is a strategically important expansion of our portfolio to meet our clients' needs."

Arne Faisst, CEO abc biopply said, "Together, we are once more improving the ability for our customers to increase efficiency, both in terms of time and cost, in their drug development process."

About ReachBio Labs 

ReachBio Research Labs is a life sciences company based in Seattle, WA. Since being founded in 2007, the company has provided a range of cell biology custom research services to a wide variety of clients ranging from virtual biotech companies to large international pharmaceutical companies. ReachBio gained a reputation for customer service, responsiveness and scientific excellence and today became one of the leading primary cell biology research partners. Fore more information, visit: 

About abc biopply ag
abc biopply is a specialist for advanced solutions in preclinical disease models and drug discovery. The company has pioneered an unique portfolio of 3D tissue imaging and analysis assays enabling the easy and reliable generation of quantitative datasets from tissues and cells. The related CRO services support pharmaceutical and biotech companies to improve the predictiveness of their preclinical models and to de-risk their drug discovery processes. Based on the proprietary 3D CoSeedis™ multi-organoid technology the company has boosted the relevance of in vitro testing to the ex vivo level. For more information, visit:

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US: Heather Ellis, ReachBio Research Labs,, 206-420-0300

Arne-C. Faisst, CEO abc biopply ag, Mobile +41 79 434 10 49,

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