RDX Sports Announces 'True Tag' Authenticity Code

Introducing RDX True Tag authenticity code: True Tag represents the effort, hard-work and diligence we put into our craft, our products - and your gear


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” ― Oscar Wilde.

Indeed, imitation is a high form of flattery and RDX Sports products are nothing but great – but something else is said about imitations. They’re usually made of low-quality materials, and they are not even remotely made with the precision and detail put into RDX Sports gloves.

We stay TRUE to our customers. Introducing the RDX True Tag authenticity code.

Rachel Adams

It is of great concern that the RDX brand is being counterfeited in different countries, using the logo and product design while posing as RDX, only to deliver bad goods that easily, tear, break or damage after being used a few times.

Such is the fate of an inferior product, but one can’t hate anyone for trying. What can be done, though - is prevent it from happening.

To RDX Sports, the gloves are a testament to craftsmanship constantly perfected beginning in 1999. The effort and patience that goes into each product is for the sole purpose of creating gear to protect, enhance and make fitness an enjoyable experience for the customer.

This is to ensure that a ‘true’ product wearing the RDX logo will always be true to RDX standards, staying true to the customer.

Introducing the RDX True Tag.

With every RDX product purchased, the customer will receive a True Tag authenticity code to confirm whether the RDX product is a counterfeit or an original. This is the only way to vouch and take responsibility for damaged or bad goods since the True Tag is a unique code that only an authorized RDX distributor/reseller/retailer has to give to the customer.

RDX Sports says don't hate cheaters and imitators for trying, but they can be prevented through this process and guarantee customers the product experience expected.

And if a True Tag doesn’t do the senses justice, be assured that the product’s performance will.

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