RDI Inc. Expands as SoCal Edison's PLP is in Effect

Enormous growth for a corporation as California pole loading contract continues

Roque Development and Investments Inc. has expanded to a second office location as Southern California Edison's Pole Loading Program is in full effect. The expansion was led on to ensure the completion of the Pole Loading Program and to house the large and rapid growth of the company's employees. This new location has also led RDI to expand their company's three departments and has become the central location for this specific project. The Pole Loading Program will be in effect until 2017, which will evaluate all of Southern California Edison's utility poles to ensure all of the poles meet safety regulations and guarantee public safety. RDI Inc.'s second location is up and running as of November 2014.

"The Pole Loading Program is a large and important contract with Southern California Edison" said CEO, Hector Mendoza. "Before this contract, RDI had 20 employees. This specific contract requires 140 employees. We now have 160 employees. We have grown tremendously. Along with the Pole Loading Program, we will continue to expand our engineering, construction, and real estate divisions" said Mendoza.

Roque Development and Investments Inc. was founded in 2009, by CEO Hector Mendoza. RDI Inc.'s  first office is located in Monterey Park, CA. That location is the primary office for RDI Inc.'s Carrier Solutions contract with Southern California Edison. The new and second office location is now in Rancho Cucamonga. This office locale will focus on becoming the primary office for the Pole Loading Program as well as the expansion of the company's three divisions.

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