Rayvolt Electric Bikes USA Collaborates With Tjin Edition and Ford Motor Company for Custom Mach E Build at SEMA, Featuring an All-EV Collaboration

Rayvolt EV USA, Inc., the exclusive U.S. distributor of Rayvolt Premium Electric Bikes, is delighted to announce a collaboration with award-winning custom automotive builder Tjin Edition and Ford Motor Company to create a custom Mustang Mach-E, featuring two customized Rayvolt eBikes on the bike rack.

For over 25 years, Tjin Edition, led by Neil Tjin, has been creating custom automotive builds for a variety of manufacturers, winning scores of awards and industry accolades. For SEMA 2021, the head designers at Ford challenged Tjin to another custom build, and the Mustang Mach-E would be his palette.

Tjin began work on a custom, Cali-themed Mach-E build. At Ford's suggestion, Tjin decided to tie in custom eBikes to this all-EV build.

"When Ford tells you to find the coolest, baddest, most unique electric bikes for your Ford Mach-E build for SEMA, you do what they say, and that is why I chose Rayvolt eBikes," said Neil Tjin, President of Tjin Edition.

"You don't get calls from visionaries like Neil Tjin every day. The opportunity to design and build custom Rayvolt eBikes for Neil and the designers at Ford was too good to pass up. Our Beachin' and Ringo eBikes are the perfect all-EV complement to the incredible Mach-E. We hope this is the beginning of many future collaborations with Tjin and Ford," said Steve Sanders, President of Rayvolt EV USA, Inc.

Tjin added, "When I showed the head designers at Ford my custom Rayvolt eBikes, they fell in love, they couldn't believe the attention to detail, the craftsmanship, and how well they rode. Rayvolt hit it out of the park, scored a touchdown, and hit the game-winning 3! Wins across the board when it comes to Rayvolt eBikes."

The custom Tjin/Rayvolt Mustang Mach-E build will debut at SEMA in Las Vegas, Nov. 2-5, 2021. 

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About Rayvolt EV USA, Inc.

Rayvolt EV USA is the exclusive importer in the U.S. for Rayvolt Premium eBikes. Our technology is state of the art, controlled by a main smart computer "brain" called EIVA, while our "look" harkens back to the legendary era of motorcycling; the early 1900s Indian motorcycle, the 1969 Café Racer and the 1970 Beach Cruiser. The result is timeless vehicles that don't appear too futuristic and off-putting to customers and one that makes people feel sentimental about the old classic bikes of yesteryear.

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Source: Rayvolt EV USA, Inc.