Raw Juice Trendsetters Launch Line of Meal Replacement Shakes

"It Tastes Raaw" creators launch a unique healthy eating biz called NURISHYOU


In 2008, two friends initiated a trend that would take over the Whole Foods world, winning impressive accolades along the way. "It Tastes Raaw" juices won an International Award for Best Non- Alcoholic Beverages in the Western Hemisphere. The creators sold their recipes to Raw Foods International, LLC, who then brought the products to Whole Foods' shelves. "It Tastes Raaw" juices were the first juice products on the market to incorporate both fruit and vegetables; the creators are now delivering something new and just as groundbreaking, NURISHYOU.

NURISHYOU is a healthy eating company, offering two unique product lines aimed at assisting men and women in meeting a variety of nutritional goals. The first of NURISHYOU's products includes a variety of meal replacement shakes that are both nutritious and unique. The formula combines high protein, low sugar, nuts, whole grains, seeds and healthy fats. Similar to "It Tastes Raaw," these superfood shakes use real and all-natural ingredients. With a four-week shelf life, these meal replacement shakes offer a convenient and perfect blend of vitamins and nutrients to support a healthy diet.

There are several distinct characteristics that separate NURISHYOU shakes from others, the first being the way they taste. Whether for a meal, snack, or post-workout, these shakes have both the filling and satisfying texture of whole grains, nuts and seeds; nothing like the fruit concentrate and protein substitute blends found at the supermarket today. The recipes are another key difference with NURISHYOU shakes. Choose from oatmeal and sweet potato, quinoa and pumpkin seeds, or peanut butter and hemp seeds.

NURISHYOU has also established its own meal club with made-from-scratch menus to fit every type of eater and diet goal. From low-calorie meals for weight loss to menus for muscle gains and vegetarians, each meal is crafted with real ingredients, in controlled portions, making healthier eating easier than ever. NURISHYOU's shake packages come in assorted flavors starting at $35.94 for members, while the meal plans start at $43.99. Meal plans come with the added flexibility to mix-and-match menus, which change on a weekly basis, as well as local and online delivery options.

For the business folks of America looking for diet options to support their fast-paced lifestyle, NURISHYOU is the perfect solution. Unlike standard "meal delivery" programs, which forces consumers to purchase a high-priced, long-term package, NURISHYOU believes in baby steps and offers weekly meals from $43.99.

NURISHYOU provides two unique nutritional product lines aimed at assisting customers to meet varying nutritional goals. NURISHYOU currently provides premium nutritional shakes as well as healthy meal plans, ONLY FOR CUSTOMERS LOCATED IN FLORIDA. The meal plans are currently delivered locally, by the company, within the boundaries of Dade and Broward counties only. The shakes are distributed both locally and online to all counties in Florida.

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