Ratnakar Lavu to Join Esteemed Council at the 11th Annual TBM Conference 2023

Transformative tech leader, Ratnakar Lavu is set to enhance discussions on the future of TBM

Ratnakar Lavu, a renowned figure in the realm of technology and business management, is invited to be part of the council at the forthcoming Technology Business Management (TBM) Conference 2023. Taking place from the 24th to the 27th of this month, the event marks its 11th iteration and stands as a paramount rendezvous for leaders and practitioners who are steering the helm of technological transformation and financial ingenuity.

The TBM Conference has over the years grown exponentially, solidifying its position as a crucial engagement of the year. It is not merely an event, but a gathering of more than 2,500 global peers, all of whom congregate to delve into enriching keynotes, absorb best practice presentations, undergo training, and participate in insightful partner sessions. The underlying thread that binds all these activities is the shared vision of understanding and promoting how TBM stands as the nerve center for decision-making, agile transformation, and cloud optimization.

"It's a transformative era for technology and finance, and TBM serves as the linchpin,” expressed Mr. Lavu. “I'm thrilled to be part of the TBM Conference 2023, and I look forward to engaging in enlightening discussions, sharing experiences, and learning from the global community. Together, we will shape the TBM narrative for the future."

The 11th Annual TBM Conference in 2023 is poised to bring together leading minds, including Ratnakar Lavu, for a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights. It offers a unique opportunity to connect with industry experts and gain valuable knowledge. This global event is a hub for technology and business management enthusiasts, making it an essential gathering for those driving innovation in these fields.

With a strong educational foundation and extensive technical expertise, Ratnakar Lavu has emerged as a prominent figure in the tech industry. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, then promptly enrolled in Wright State University’s master’s program to study computer engineering. Lavu's professional journey includes significant roles at renowned organizations. Lavu continues to leverage his technical prowess to create exceptional digital experiences, contributing significantly to the transformation of various industries.


For more news and information on the TBM Conference 2023, visit their website at https://www.tbmconference.org/

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Source: Ratnakar Lavu, advisor

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