RASIRC Granted Taiwan Patent for Method and Systems for Purifying Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions

Innovative new products that purify and deliver ultra-pure oxidation chemistries

Taiwan Patent Certificate  I703087

RASIRC announced that the Commissioner of the Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Republic of China has granted patent I703087 for Method and Systems for Purifying Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions. The patent is applicable to all hydrogen peroxide products including BRUTE® Peroxide and The Peroxidizer®. This invention applies the purification of the liquid source before evaporation into ultra-pure gases. Additionally, the purification improves the performance and lifetime of the patented membrane vaporizer.

“Hydrogen peroxide vapor is becoming a critical material for low-temperature processing of 3-dimensional and HAR devices as ozone and plasma methods hit their limits,” said RASIRC Chief Technology Officer Dan Alvarez. “This invention aids in our efforts to continuously improve the purity and consistency of our delivered product.”

This news comes as part of the harvest of research ideas developed over the last 15 years at RASIRC. Now moving into commercialization, this string of patents also includes our Taiwanese patent I683923, granted in April 2020, for the generation and delivery of Hydrogen Peroxide and Hydrazine gases. “These patents add to our global intellectual property footprint and are needed to support worldwide leadership in the delivery of chemistry for low-temperature oxide and nitrides,” said RASIRC Founder and CEO Jeffrey Spiegelman.

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RASIRC Peroxidizer® The RASIRC Peroxidizer provides a safe, reliable way to deliver high-concentration hydrogen peroxide gas into ALD, annealing, dry surface preparation, and cleaning processes.

BRUTE Peroxide

Brute Peroxide is a controlled and safer chemical method to deliver high concentration hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) gas into Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Etch (ALE) processes


RASIRC transforms liquids into dynamic gases that power process innovation in semiconductor and adjacent markets. By commercializing molecules for lower temperature processes, RASIRC patented technology enables the manufacture of atomic-scale oxides, nitrides, and metals. Innovative products such as Brute Peroxide, Brute Hydrazine, the Peroxidizer, and the Rainmaker Humidification Systems are being used to develop solutions for 5G, AI, IoT, and advanced automation. What makes RASIRC a unique industry leader is our technical expertise and commitment to solving complex industry challenges for our customers. Our team of industry experts has a proven track record of beating larger competitors to market by efficiently delivering state of the art technology that reduces cost, improves quality, and dramatically improves safety. With our customers at the forefront of all we do, we continue to research, develop, and design innovative products that purify and deliver ultra-pure gas from liquids for the semiconductor and related markets.

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Source: RASIRC