Rare 'Butterfly Explosion' Forms in China's Biodiverse Yunnan

Honghe Butterfly Valley, in southwest China's Yunnan Province, has witnessed hundreds of millions of butterflies emerge from chrysalises since June, with a worldwide rare ecological spectacle presented, according to the Honghe Daily.

"Butterfly explosion" refers to the seasonal natural and ecological spectacle formed in May and June every year, in which a large number of Stichophthalma larvae pupate in a short period of time and then transform into butterflies. They pile up and flutter all over the sky in the woods, beside streams and mountain trails.

In June, the Honghe Butterfly Valley, in Ma'andi Township of Jinping County in Honghe Prefecture, has already witnessed over 100 million butterflies emerge, with a total of 150 million expected, according to researchers, adding that there are only two such phenomenal "butterfly explosions" in the world, and the other one is in Mexico.

To date, over 400 butterfly species have been identified in the Honghe Butterfly Valley, which is famed for its all-year-round warm and humid weather. The area enjoys a forest coverage of 70 percent, rendering it a complete monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forest and other vegetation types, an ideal ecological environment suitable for butterflies, and has the most abundant butterflies resources around the world. 

Sasa Guan
Email: tongguan@xinhuanetus.com

Source: Honghe Daily

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